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Range Rover chop ... pls help!

Range Rover chop ... pls help!

  • The one with the green stripe.

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  • The one without the green stripe.

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Mar 16, 2005
I made 2 slightly different chops of a Range Rover ... and i cant decide whichone is better! :? Please help me :roll: ... thx!


where's option "they both suck" :p

j/k, i dont like the green stripe, so i prefer the simple one :)
Range Rover Sport Coupe? :shock: Gah, imagine seeing that in your rear view mirror on some twisty road!

I like the one with the green stripe - just without the headlight part. :D
3 posts choosing the lower one, but only 2 votes for that one?

less is more, i go for the first one
i thought that the green transparent stripe on the headlight is a good idea but it seem like it isnt :| ... thx for the votes and comments guys! ;)
fuck you, you made the poll in the wrong order compared to the pics posted so I voted for the wrong thing :x

BAN BAN BAN! :lol: