Range Rover Evoque CONVERTIBLE!


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May 3, 2006
Adelaide, Australia.
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Like this?
I went to University with someone who bought one of these, by choice, with real money.

"It's so practical!" - Errr, it only has two seats and a small boot instead of being a wagon...
"Yeah but it's an offroader" - Sure, Suzuki make good offroaders... but you can barely drive in a straight line, I shudder to think what would happen on a dirt road, let alone a novice offroad trail. Considering she crashed it about a year later should not shock anyone.
"It's cute!" - Oh. My. God. Spare me, just fucking spare me.

Considering she had an affinity towards pink, had an annoying high pitched voice and ended up working in a fashion store before selling herself out to go on a reality TV cooking show, I really should not be surprised.

She also paid MORE for this thing that I did for a mint condition, low mileage V8 E34 5 Series back in the late noughties...

I would actually consider buying an X90 to destroy it and save it from existing anymore. I hate these things so much.


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Feb 2, 2004
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Yeah, I was waiting for these shots. So these (original post) were supposedly shot in Slovenia, a friend of a friend was was a tech for photography and green screen.

The cars had major problems with water, both cars they've used to shoot stuff got their front bumper/spliter torn by the weight of the water when exiting the pool. In the end they had to bodge the bumper, to finish the shoot.