Rarely Sign

I made this one (well, this is the file I made it from) to try and slow people down on our spectator entry road. It's gravel and the dust drifts right into the pits/on to the track. It's helping some, but not everyone pays attention to it.
In km/h land one might try 9¾ 🧙‍♂️
Also, we do have signs that imply a speed limit of 4 - 7 kph.

Pedantic mode on: No he doesn't. A Spielstraße is something different and has been purged from the catalogue in 2009. I've also never seen one in real life.
Also, we do have signs that imply a speed limit of 4 - 7 kph.
Which nobody gives a shit about because it is only implied and it is not enforced in any way - plus many drivers are entitled fucks who can’t grasp the concept of a „shared road“. Our future home is on one of these streets as well and despite the fact that people are forced to go all wiggly by planters and stuff, people still do 30 because for some reason they seem to think that’s ok.
Think about it: the implied (lol) speed limit also implies that a pedestrian cannot be overtaken. Now think about whether anyone will ever follow that, ever!
The shortest route between our cabin and the marine fuel stations downtown includes a fairly long stretch that's speed limited to 7. I usually add a couple hundred revs because 7km/h is just not fast enough in some boats including ours, especially in a crosswind.

Also, speeds on the water aren't measured in km/h anyway so I feel you should be legally entitled to do 7 knots instead. :p That's 12 and nine tenths km/h. There's no character for nine tenths. :(
I just remembered a sign I saw on a group ride: the top one is obviously the completely normal sign for a cul-de-sac, the middle one says "no turning option" and the lowest one says "Caution, don't follow the satnav!". The road in question is a shortcut in a village near me which saves a whopping 150 metres (300 metres compared to 450 metres). The other end has been blocked off by three huge concrete rings laying on the side with plants in it so it's guaranteed no one can squeeze by even on the pavement (which is just dirt there anyway).

Nicht nach Navi fahren.jpg
From a cross-country drive in 2001, I *think* in Wyoming:
Good thing then that 10 is the max acceptable Schritttempo in .de jurisprudence 🤓

Now we just need to stop trucks from entering and breaking the neighbors fence at the end of the play street where it turns. :)
This one's pretty common in Czechia as it's a place-name word that's apparently a bit like "Ober-" or "Upper-," IIRC, but since we're posting funny names...


NO HORNÍ HERE. Any Horní past this sign goes immediately to Horní Jail, per the rules of the Internet, I think.

View: https://youtu.be/u35QD7UxcbE
Not a traffic sign, but anyway.


I just love the artwork. :D

These signs are posted all over the network of streams and small rivers in this area - because all those waters are (or used to be) crammed into straight half-open pipes that are really hard to climb out of and also make the stream/river prone to surprisingly strong flooding in case of heavy (or even not-so-heavy) rainfalls.

Text says:
(upper sign) Emscher Collective - Entering the site is dangerous and not allowed.
(lower sign) Entering forbidden - flood waves

(The actual stream is not pictured, it's left of the tress a couple of metres below)