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rate me

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Oh pl-ease put your shirt back on :x

...oh and you have absolutly no emotion what so ever! Oh yeh and the alien ears.
That is so how I pictured you...
Porsche-Superiority said:
pdanev said:


*e^(H*K*T*1000) for H equal to the numerical value of the stupidity in this thread (or the inverse of intelligance), K equal to the probablility of this thread being locked, and T equal to the time it takes for Ren to post and/or lock this thread. I'm telling ya, it's a big number.
^ :lmao:
i gave you a 1. :lol:
You can vote all over, it doesn't log your IP... But there are some pretty ladys...
"So, big boy, when are you comin' over? I've got the mayonaise all ready to go!" :wicked:
Nastiest smily ever!
RaTe me. Not the Nirvana song. :lol:
Not open for further replies.