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RCA Lyra

Those things are getting developed really quickly, what was new 2 months ago is easily improved on today. You saw it with mp3 players, which have only really matured this year.

Not sure what the battery life is on it is, but i bet it isn't that long.

I'd go and look at some forum threads, and see what other people who actually own one think first. Looks nice on the pictures though
I would advise against such a device until they get all the bugs worked out of them. Currently the Archos models are the most refined, but portable video players need to improve significantly before they will become successful. (this is from a previous owner)
alright.. i'm not getting it... my main concern was that all the bugs on video wouldnt be fixed yet and since reviewrs say they arent and overheat said it too.. i dont wanna waste my money.. thanks guys
I suggest an iPod or iPod mini... I have never regretted getting it and the customer service for apple is one of the best... I even bought an extra year of warranty for my iPod because the customer service was really helpful and they fix any problems on your iPod without hesitation
i'd pass that, doesnt look great and its in the early stages, so should wait for later ones. if u really wnat to get one, isnt the creative one good?
I'd suggest avoiding iPods too - If you feel the need to buy an iPod, buy a Creative Zen Touch instead - much better,
lol... well from that website that kip gave me.. they were really extensive on it.. and i was turned off on the fact that video is horrible and that it only accepts a certain format.. which i dont have any of
this kind of things will go BOOM soon

so you'll have plenty more choice and prices will drop.. I say way :)
I read a bit of the review too, seems wird to me that it does accept mpeg 4, and not mpeg 2 :?

Like i said before, those kind of things could be fixed with new firmware, but i can't be certain. Battery life sucked though. Wait a while, way better things will come out..