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REALLY need some help to understand this


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Dec 3, 2005
Jerusalem, Israel
I only started following TG in the last 3 months or so cause I didn't know I could get all the episodes on-line,till then I was just watching the few episodes we had on TV here (am in Israel). So when I found out I got most of em from mininova ,then I found tweeke's FTP and got the rest from there.
Now I had an episode entitled 15.6.2003 2x06, 600MB mpeg file. Then I saw a 350MB version of 2x06 on tweeke's FTP so I got that one and deleted my own, when I played it, it was a totally different episode entitled TG Extra...
Could someone explain to me what TG Extra is or why it was a totally different episode then what I had (and no longer have BTW)?
Also I can't find any episode between 1992-2001, was there no TG at that time or am I missing something?
Thanks in advance.
The Top Gear extra is from BBC Prime and have some segments cut out, like the stuff you can vote for and the news.
Also some versions called 2x06 are actually 3x06 so there would be quite a difference between those.
Yeah, it's probably wrongly (re)named...sorry about that. Will check it out later :)
There has been no TG between 1992 and 2002 as far as I know.
Tweeke said:
There has been no TG between 1992 and 2002 as far as I know.

Yes there has, it's just not on the net, someone in here has been ripping old vhs-tapes and uploading them, I think he's still on it.
Alright, I didn't know that. Damn, then my TG collection is far from complete :eek:
Need to get my hands on 1992-2002 :p