Really Old Server status thread

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You mean like this thread does? :p

In case you don't want to hunt all over the forums though, it's and the channel is #minecraft. I'll update the OP.

He meant the we put the address of the minecraftserver to the irc-channel.
I restarted the server. It should work now.
"Disconnected by server. Outdated server!"

Update plox?

There's a reason why I specify which client version we support. Bukkit takes a while to be updated to work with the new version of the client, and I won't be updating until most, if not all, of our mods have been updated and I've had a chance to test everything.

I'd expect it to take between a day and a week, but no guarantees. If you need the old files, I'm sure we can put them up for you.
If you weren't given an option to stay at 1.3, you have the old launcher. The new launcher also has the advantage of using SSL for logins, so baddinks can't steal your blocks!

If you've already been upgraded and don't have a backup, I can upload a copy for you. Just let me know.
Yes please :p

Here you go.

It has some client mods in it; I don't have a pristine version (deleted my laptop hard drive accidentally), but it should do until I can upgrade the server to 1.4.
warping is different now and old warps do not work saying that we do not have permission.

Yes, see my status update in the OP:
  • warping sometimes makes you invisible (still?). Reconnect to fix it.
  • Warping currently doesn't work. I'm working on repairing the list of warps.

I need to fix the warp list, it got corrupted, and the alternative plugin isn't working right.
OK, I fixed it (I hope).
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It works, thanks!

You're welcome, although really you can thank the Firefox SQLite Manager addon, Vim, and my regex-fu.
So is the nether still being looked into?

Yes, it's something I'd quite like to have working. I might have time to try some things either tomorrow afternoon or over the weekend. Life sometimes requires that I do things other than poke at the servers, unfortunately.
It's free and open for any of the users to play (when it's up, I mean)? I have a Minecraft (I like it!) account that I bought and I would like to try some random multiplayer. I've only been playing on a certain server created by some Youtubers (which has been down since 1.4).

I'm not a griefer or anything, in fact, I like looking at what people build because some people are really quite creative!
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