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REALLY REALLY REALLY want a new computer but donno when to..


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May 26, 2004
hong kong
guys i really want a new computer to the point where i will pay for it myself.

my computer keeps restarting, or jumping (like just restarts) when i try to use my ipod!!! DAH!!!

question is like have the good chips come out? like i want a new 64bit one but i donno if they are good yet? and should i hold back till like intel's comes out and longhorn too?

but then if i wait for intels, they will be buggy as their new and be the shit 1st ones too! DAH!

no the graphic card is a bitch and everything sucks so mcuh my laptop is better =.=

i've had it for like3-4 years already.
Well, what I would wait for, are relativly cheap AMD 64x2 cpus. The got 2 cpu cores on one chip, and I guess for power users this might a really good thing, plus the games of the future will run way better on it... Considering the next Gen consoles have more than one CPU core as well...

SEE! i didnt know that, i would be uber pissed off when that comes out and i have a bog standard 64bit one :twisted:
But those chips are insanely expensive compared to the Intel ones...Obviously the intel "2 cpu core" aka hyperthreading isn't as..i guess powerful as the AMDs

Did you know Apple is switching over to Intel...? Just wanted to share that

Also theres a new type of CPU socket...all i understand is up to Socket 478
Intel's hyperthreading has nothing to do with Dual Core. Having a dual core processor is like having two processors in one. Both AMD and Intel have released dual core.

The nice thing about the dual core AMD procs, is that all you need is a motherboard that supports the Athlon64 architecture, and the dual core will plug right in.

So you could go out, buy a Athlon64 system, and when the dual core chips drop in price... upgrade for the price of the proc only!

Here's an intel dual core chip- http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16819116214

And an AMD dual core chip- http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16819103544

Those are the most expensive newegg has... there are cheaper dual core chips as well. Oh, and here's the standard Athlon 64, this particular one I have in my workstation here @ work- http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16819103537

AMD rules!
Yeah, I'd just go ahead and buy an AMD 64 system now, with a rockin PCI express card and atleast 1 GB of RAM. If you buy the parts individually and build it yourself, you can get a really good deal, especially if you alread have harddrives, CD/DVD roms, and a good monitor/mouse/keyboard. You can always upgrade the processor and RAM down the road if you buy a good mobo now, and no matter when you buy a PC there is always going to be something better on the horizon, so you could play the waitng game forever.
Yeah, I would say go for a regular AMD64 chip right now too. I've had the 3500+ for a year now, and it's superb.

The double-core AMD's are out already, but super expensive. It's probably over twice the price of a regular AMD64, and the price gap is not likely to shrink anytime soon. So even if prices come down, the AMD64 will still give you better bang for your buck.

In terms of stability and stuff, no need to worry. It's not like you should wait until they work out the kinks and stuff.

If you're building it yourself, you can opt for the 939 socket as opposed to the cheaper socket (forget the number). Then you can just swap the regular AMD64 for a dual-core in due time without having to get a new mobo and consequently lots of other new stuff.

But keep in mind, 64-bit computing isn't really useful for the Average Joe just yet. If you plan to upgrade soon or don't have too much spare cash to throw around, just go for a regular 32-bit system. The AMD64 has the ability to run 64-bit OS's and programs, but none are available yet. I just run the normal version of Windows XP that everyone has. The only reason why you'd want an AMD64 now is to be either future-proof or because you like having the latest and greatest.
The other socket is 754, and the 64 chips are for the average joe, becuase they are easier to install and work with. They are also much more faster a 32-bit 3200+ is much slower then the 64-bit 3200+. And the 64-bit 3200+ is cheaper then the 32-bit. Its all about what you want/need out of the system.