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really small Hammond


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Jul 27, 2005
Yesterday i watched top gear and just wonder... How tall Hammond is? He really looks like dwarf when he standing next to clarkson.. Anyone knows ? 160 cm ? :lol:
Richard Hammond is 5"7. Its not that small, but compared to Jezza it is! :D
In that article posted, it's around here somewhere...too lazy to search :p, he said he was 5' 7", iirc. :)
Two newcomers, :welcome:
Hello there!!! 8)
I wanted to open a thread for this related question but i might as well just ask it here - how tall exactly is JC? never saw that being mentioned anywhere.
Something like 6' 5", basically the same height as Jodie Kidd. :)
found it myself on imdb :p :

6' 4" (1.93 m)
^^-- i just rewatched the first episode theres like a few dozen people in the audience hehe.
Yeah, I guess it didn't have the momentum it does now, when it started back up in '02.
Interesting, JC is rather tall then, at least that would give me an idea of the space inside some of the cars he drives. I'm 6ft 1in and some regular cars are just too small for me like the mitsubishi lancer, which the evo is based on.
Well, the EVO may have different seats, more adjustable you know. :)