Recent adverts increase on youtube

uBlock works great, even Brave browser blocks most ads.

Vanced still works for mobile Youtube, but it'll probably break soon as they stopped updating it. There's alternatives on the way though.

Perc's suggestion of paying for Youtube Premium is such a horrendously bad idea that I can't even begin. If you want to support that awful company, it's your business. But doing it to get rid of ads is just stupidity tax.

Adblockers also block unsafe scripts and malicious scripts. It's really a dumb idea to surf without adblockers in 2022.

If you're feeling bad about stealing income from creators because you're not watching their ads, don't. Using display ads as the primary form of monetization is just short-sighted and lazy - it's just an insult to the audience's time and intelligence. There's many ways of monetizing content that pays better and is friendlier to the audience. If your favorite Youtuber complains about adblockers, they're really only complaining about how crappy the platform is at educating its creators on better ways to make money.

Display ads in their current form are fast becoming an obsolete form of monetization. Marketers know this. Google knows this, but they can't come out and say it, they'd lose gazillions of income.
Finally I've found an easy solution to ban these annoying Shorts from my subscription page!

I've just installed PocketTube. It gives you a few buttons on the top of your subscriptions page, to choose with one click what thumbnails are still visible:

I'm using YouTube ReVanced on my phone. It's more updated than Vanced.

Since today I get these when I open any Youtube video:


I can click it away and still watch the video... for now.
Might need some more stealthy adblockers in the future.
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Make sure to run uBlock Origin instead of uBlock. Very ugly takeover story there, Origin is the OG open source solution that works brilliantrly, uBlock is a commercial solution with paid-for enabled-by-default whitelists and other not-so-nice stuff in there.
Got the Adblocker-Blocker screen again from Youtube, regardless of uBlock. - The race between Youtube and Adblock programmers seems to be neck and neck at the moment. - You can manually empty the cache und then update uBlock with two clicks, that helps sometimes, but not all the time...

So for the moment I just download the videos I wanna see, and watch them offline.
I switched to this purely for YouTube, although it looks like ABP is now mostly working on Chrome if I forget. Embedded videos always worked fine, too.

Louis Rossmann made a video about it and pointed out how this has probably just made more normal users aware that adblockers exist.

LOL. You love to see it.

uBlock Origin has been ON IT with updates throughout this mess.