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Recode to DVD


Dec 9, 2004
Is there a simple program that would convert any AVI to DVD format?

I would just like to watch some of my DivX/XviD on my DVD player, so I'd like to burn it to DVD-RW and then erase it.

I know there are encoding programs, but I always wondered if there's a Click-one-button and you're done type program. ;)
how many episodes from those Tog Gear 350megs file can I put on DVD +RW 4.7 gb? it is written 120 minutes on the box so have I to assume that when i will encode back from .avi to my DVD (I am a 150% rookie here) I can only put 2 episodes regardless of the original .avi file dimension (350 or 700)?

Thank you in advance for all the help