Red BUll Air Race [next: jun 12th, rotterdam!]


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Oct 4, 2004
Check this out 8)

next round is in rotterdam! so people from NL, belgium and the neighbourhood, something to consider! :)

The "Gateway to Europe", Rotterdam is a far cry from Holland's popular image of bikes, dykes and windmills. The world's largest port will be in for a shake-up when the Red Bull Air Race World Series' mercurial planes dart between the colossal container ships.

Check out the video section to get an idea what this is about!

And in particular videos-> budapest ->airshow! i wanna know the song in that video :roll: and check out that big bird at the end, hoooly **** :shock: thats totally nuts, the river they are flying above seperates budapest into 2 parts, so doing that in the middle of the city is insane :twisted:
So pdanev did you end up going there?

I considered going, but as I was far to drunk to drive on saturday so I just skipped it. I believe I have seen better Airshows anyway.
Although the footage I have seen seems spectacular. :mrgreen: 8)
Jostyrostelli said:
Congrats to the american guy who won. Pdanev, your idol became 2nd or 3rd :thumbsup:

Don't know who Pdanev's idol is, but a former colleague of my dad finished 2nd. 8)

The hungarian guy I mean, so I guess the guy with the german flag would be the collegue of your dad then? :lol:
Right. :)
the hungarian guy aint my idol :lol:
i've seen him few times perform in life and he's pretty nutts, but so are all the others :thumbsup:

didnt go unfortunatelly, was very tired after my exams and not really in the mood for it. watched it on tv :?
You have to ask? :D
The Red Bull air races are AWESOME!

unfortunately, I don't have cable so havent been able to watch every round but ocassionaly, SBS (this is in Australia if you haven't checked out my location) shows it on a Sunday arvo. Being a former student pilot, i'm constantly amazed at what those crazy bastards are able to do in their planes!
^Probably completely different mate.

SBS = Special Broadcasting Service

They show news from non-English speaking countries, show alot of foreign movies, alot of documentaries and ALOT of soccer, which lends it's other name, Soccer Bloody Soccer :p