Someone Else's Problem: Redliner's Ferrari Wannabe

I also half-arsed white:


Doesn't look right to me on those wheels and there's no white anywhere else on the car. Black would look better I think because it will match the stripe. Haven't tried that in PS though.
I'll fix all the small scratches and paint the wheels gloss black. Because fuck brake dust.
Small update: painted wheels and fake air vents and removed stripes.

I am not sure if it looks better with or without the stripes. Opinions?


I should make a poll. :lol:
+1 for without :) I like how the wheels turned out.

Oh, that I think turned out really nice. I hated that polished look.
Plasti-Dip Blue?
no stripes, black roof and yellow body!
I think it needs something on the sides to break up the red. I'd keep the stipes on.