Someone Else's Problem: Redliner's Ferrari Wannabe

Plastidip is already on the side vents. :p
i read that you topic says Redliner's Ferrari Watanabe... which does not sound bad... leave the stickers and the wheels look good! :)
60,000km later and it is still trouble-free.
The interior is holding up, even though it is regularly attacked by a 7-year-old.
Squeaks and rattles are as expected.
Nothing has fallen out or failed (yet).
I should schedule the 60,000km maintenance stop soon. Also, bye bye 800 bucks. :|
Local bucks...about 200 Euros.
Time to change oil, filters, possibly sparkplugs.
Now that I think of it, I already did the brake job, so likely less than that.
100.000km later, the interior hasn't degraded as badly as I expected.
It still puts a smile on my face when I floor it and the induction roars.
The 100.000km service was a bit hard on my wallet, but nothing unexpected. In fact, I never had anything unexpected happen to it. It's always scheduled maintenance.
Both airbags were replaced due to a recall and the shop managed to scratch the dashboard. :rolleyes:
Also got it new tires, since the last set was nearing 60.000km and not much left before the TWI. I could already feel the rear sliding in the rain. Not fun.
I'll get it to a bodyshop to fix the small dents and scratches and put it for sale.
What are you planning on replacing it with?
It's still mine but kinda's currently in a dealer, waiting for someone to buy it.
Since I am leaving the country in 15 days, mentally I don't own it anymore. It will just turn up as money in my account sometime.
7 years and 110.000km later, we must part ways, brave little FIAT. I never owned a car for that long, and I don't ever regret buying you.
I will miss you. You gave me much less trouble than people expected and apart from a few minor issues and some fuck-ups on my part, you never let me down.
What? Yes, I am now looking at pictures of Miatas on the internet. We're no longer together! It's just a matter of time and paperwork! Get over it!
May your new owner enjoy you as much as I did.
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As I've already written to you, I'm super happy to read this. I really hope it's going to be one of the best things in your life.
Safe to say this is Somebody Else's Problem? :D
Well, for now, it's my brother's problem.
Technically, not yet fit for the tag since it's not sold.