Rejoice, rejoice rejoice!

"Broadsword calling Danny Boy"
"Broadsword calling Danny Boy"

I LOL'd at that, "Where Vultures Dare" would be a good spoof sub-head for the latest dump of Bat Guano for the NotW crew.
Also, the Private Eye front page. :lol:

.. and why isn't Digger in the Dock as well, dressed inn a stripy prison suit? :rolleyes:
(Sometimes the Legal system takes all the fun away from things.)
If I were an investor in NI I'd be seriously concerned at the incompetence - no back up system before 2005, and servers purged of eMails regularly with no archive server in place.

Presumably Rebekah Brooks was the data owner (that is normally a formal position) and if not then he/she should be in the dock with the defendants either in this or another trial - the IT company was just the custodian but should not have deleted any eMails unless so directed, in writing, by the data owner.

And of course why was Rebakah Brooks even involved in the issue of archiving eMails?

Once the policy was set there needs to be a damn good reason to amend it - perhaps purging eMails that were better purged from her point of view was the reason - you know the sort of thing "Bug Prince Charles phone" probably not a good idea to put in an eMail.

Why do people who are going to do something 'dodgy' insist in writing it down on a computer, they must be so thick that they should not ever be allowed to run even a whelk stall.
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I bet it doesn't seem so cheap now.
The Met have been suceptable to corruption since the 60's and I suspect before. Ask why the operation that took down the Krays (Anyone say Lord Boothby?) was moved in secret to Tintagel house on the South side of the river? It has been cleaner and it has been dirtier, it is the kinda last home of the racist but the processes brought it to fix the problem have always spectacularly failed because they are the wrong processes designed by either idiots or scoundrels (Institutional racism has resulted). In general the PC you meet on the street (i.e. in uniform) is a decent bloke, not always but mostly.
Brooks cleared, Coulson guilty!

I am beyond ecstatic

Jeremy Clarkson arrives at Rebekah Brooks' house today - astoundingly keeps his mouth shut in front of our camera...


Rupert Murdoch has been officially informed by Scotland Yard that detectives want to interview him as a suspect as part of their inquiry into allegations of crime at his British newspapers.
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Hmmm, I wonder if any mud will stick to the PM?

Murdoch interviewed by the Police, I like this statement.
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