Rejoice, rejoice rejoice!

Nick Davies said there are twelve more trials scheduled to start in September and it will probably go on for maybe two more years! And thats before Digger gets grilled...

More questions....

That's what I want to see, the Met charging Digger and an Old Bailey trial.

He'll probably get off*, but I want him to have a worse day than he had at the Parliamentary Select Committee, over the Milly Dowler hacking.

Not so bothered about Coulson or Junior getting some chokey-time.

* But he may fail any future "right and proper person" test for his Sky TV licences.
* But he may fail any future "right and proper person" test for his Sky TV licences.

Hopefully there is a retrial on the final two corruption charges.

Possibly time to launch Leveson 2 and deal with Police inaction

CPS on ?A Culture of Invading Privacy? ? and the Real Police Costs

Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson have both been cautioned by police investigating a possible corporate prosecution of Rupert Murdoch?s UK media empire for hacking and bribing offences, it can be disclosed today
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I am a tad surprised that a number of charges were not proven beyond reasonable doubt, um. Still that is our legal system for you. And the attorney-general advised the PM to shout his mout off before all the verdicts were in - the Judge was, mucho, mucho, unhappy about it. But the attorney-general is his boss - gulp.

Back in the 1960's the Digger was in fact a force for good in fleet street - he dug out all the old vested interests. Now he is the new vested interest - how sad.
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Dave Cook, a former detective chief superintendent, said he had been told the NOTW had been offering assistance to those suspected of the Morgan murder. ?They were trying to undermine me and the investigation into the murder of Daniel Morgan, it?s as simple as that,? Mr Cook told the BBC. ?I brought this to the attention of Rebekah Brooks. I had the meeting? She chose to do nothing about it.?
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Daily Mail in the poo too. ... This is what happens when capitalism gets out of hand, competing to publish the 'most interesting stories' no matter that they are complete and utter fabrication. When the competition publish a story they have to top it to get the sales and advertising revenue - so why not just make stuff up, they can always 'apologise (Bottom page 7 in small type)' later.
Former News of the World news editor Ian Edmondson pleads guilty to phone-hacking

Ex-Navy captain accused of bullying sues MoD for ?300k over story 'leaked by press officer' to Sun

Sun reporter paid 'stooge' police officer ?500 for story tips, court told

Trial of six Sun journalists accused of paying public officials set to start at Kingston Crown Court
Hacking by Mirror ?worse than at Murdoch papers?

The voicemail hacking which MGN now accepts took place across its three main national titles includes the years 2001 to 2008 and may have continued up to 2011. This covers the period when one of its most high-profile editors, Piers Morgan, was at the helm of the Daily Mirror.
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I wouldn't be surprised if he applied for U.S. citizenship. He seems to be avoiding the problem by staying over here.

By the way UKanians, if you don't take him back we'll send you Sean Hannity.
Phone hacking at Trinity Mirror 'widespread' for a decade, says judge

Landmark ruling made against tabloid publisher that faces record ?1.2m payout over privacy damages for repeated interception of voicemail messages

Fox said his company was considering an appeal against the size of the payouts, which dwarfed the previous highest sum given by a UK court in a privacy case

It this sticks might Murdoch's bandits have to cough up double what they have paid already?
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Coulson Knew about Milly Voicemails, Court Told

DT: What proportion of NoTW stories in those days were fishy, or just made up?

Completely made up, it was probably about five or ten percent. Partially made up, maybe 40 to 50 per cent. But if you?re talking about stories being obtained by fishy means, we?re probably talking about fifty or sixty percent. <--- Brookes tried to get this pulled

Andy Coulson Trial, Day 6 Afternoon Report
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