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Daniel Morgan murder: inquiry brands Met police ‘institutionally corrupt’​

Met chief censured for hampering corruption inquiry into investigation of 1987 death of private detective

Daniel Morgan murder report: six critical findings in focus​

In-depth look at key outcomes of inquiry into 1987 murder of private detective and how Met handled it
Dear Home Secretary

The Daniel Morgan Independent Panel report confirmed that at the heart of the failed police investigations into Daniel’s death was a network of corrupt police officers, newspaper reporters and private investigators.

The Panel found that:

“The circumstantial evidence suggests very strongly that intrusive activity suffered by DCS Cook, his wife Jacqui Hames and their family was arranged by former DS Fillery and Alex Marunchak with a view to discrediting DCS Cook and/or to intimidate him and thus disrupt the Abelard One/ Morgan Two Investigation”

DS Fillery was, at one stage, a suspect in the case. Alex Marunchak was a reporter at the News of the World. The Panel confirmed that another former suspect, Jonathan Rees, was making regular payments to Mr Marunchak at this time.

In other words, the Panel considered that the evidence “strongly” supported the allegation that employees of News UK, one of the largest newspaper publishers in the UK, deliberately sought to interfere with a murder investigation on behalf of an individual who later became a suspect in that case.

There is no evidence that News UK carried out a satisfactory internal investigation into these matters. Indeed, the journalist Mr Marunchak was subsequently promoted. The editor of the News of the World at that time, Rebekah Brooks, has also since been promoted within News UK.

There has been no proper independent investigation into these matters or into the nature and extent of corrupt relationships between the police and the press. No-one has been held to account.

To promote public confidence in the police and to uphold the rule of law, we urge you to immediately re-establish Leveson Part Two: the Public Inquiry into unlawful and improper conduct involving the police and national newspapers, including that alleged in the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel Report.
Murdoch’s company News Group Newspapers getting away with no admission of illegal activity or phone hacking at the Sun:

Sienna Miller says Sun forced her to make decisions about pregnancy​

Actor, who believes reporter illegally obtained medical records, speaks after accepting settlement
The settlement was made on the basis that there was no admission of illegal activity or phone hacking at the Sun.
Emotional statement from footballing legend Paul Gascoigne, who is receiving a large settlement from NGN for the illegal actions of The Sun and News Of The World. "All I ever wanted was to play football," he says. "It has been a living nightmare which has changed me forever."

Former England footballer Paul Gascoigne also formally settled a claim against NGN on Thursday. In a statement, his lawyer told the court he had been the "victim of unlawful information gathering" by journalists from the Sun.
Solicitor Gerald Shamash said Mr Gascoigne had been "horrified" to learn payments were made to a private investigator who is alleged to have got hold of his private medical information.
Mr Gascoigne believed the payments were "made in relation to obtaining private, very personally sensitive matters", said Mr Shamash. He said the former Newcastle footballer was "shocked" to see information from the court's disclosure process allegedly showing the Sun had "paid to obtain information on his mental health".
He said NGN agreed to pay substantial damages to settle the claim without a trial but have not admitted any liability in relation to the allegations of unlawful information gathering.
This is still in the courts.

Piers v Jezza!!!!!!!!

Piers Morgan ‘must have known’ about Daily Mirror phone hacking, say lawyers​

Victims’ lawyers are seeking financial records relating to Morgan’s time in charge of the newspaper
Yet the high court filings allege that, during Morgan’s time as editor, a Daily Mirror reporter had “been carrying out VMI [voicemail interception] on Mr Clarkson and trawling his phone bill” with the help of a private detective agency.

The Sun ‘hacked’ 7/7 Woman in Mask and other London bombing victims, High Court hears​

  • LONDON bombing survivor Davinia Douglass is suing Rupert Murdoch’s The Sun over alleged unlawful newsgathering
  • SHE and other victims of the 7/7 atrocities were targeted by illegal private investigators, court hears
  • SERVING Sun man Nick Parker allegedly had her medical records obtained by deception and church blagged for her address
  • FAMILY members including Mrs Douglass’s elderly grandmother were targeted, as;
  • MURDOCH lawyers try and fail to gag this website from reporting the serious allegations, which they deny

Daily Mail is being sued for the most serious illegal newsgathering ever – including allegations of BURGLARIES and LANDLINE TAPPING​


Piers Morgan says he was not aware of phone hacking at Daily Mirror​

Piers Morgan knew of phone hacking when at the Mirror, high court hears​

Barrister acting for Prince Harry and others says former editor must have known about illegal behaviour

Mirror publisher apologises in phone hacking trial​


Piers Morgan claims over phone hacking branded 'utterly unpersuasive'​

This article is more than 10 years old
Ex-Daily Mirror editor told Leveson inquiry that illegal access to data did not happen while he was in charge of the paper
Feb 9th

Prince Harry settles rest of Mirror Group phone-hacking claim​

Duke of Sussex criticises Piers Morgan’s ‘continued attacks’ as publisher agrees to pay damages and costs
During a hearing in London on Friday, Sherborne said MGN would pay Harry “a substantial additional sum by way of damages” as well as his legal costs. He said the publisher would make an interim payment of £400,000.