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Aug 1, 2006

Renault 5 reborn as retro electric supermini for £25,000​

French icon returns as EV with up to 249 miles; is a driver-focused rival to the Mini and Fiat 500
The 5 is based on a new EV architecture dubbed Ampr Small (formerly CMF-BEV), which shares much of its core structure with that used for the Nissan Juke and Renault Clio.
multi-link suspension at the rear suspension
Customers in continental Europe will be able to buy the 5 with an entry-level 94bhp motor, but UK buyers are expected to be offered just the two more powerful options, with 121bhp/225Nm of torque and 148bhp/ 245Nm. We will get both battery options, though – 40kWh with the 121bhp motor, and 52kWh with the 148bhp unit.
Renault has yet to issue any official range figures, beyond saying that the small-battery edition could manage around 186 miles (300km) between charges if used in town, while the 52kWh version should be able to travel up to 249 miles (400km) between charges.



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As a French growing up around Renault 5s everywhere, I'd rock that if they sold it over here. Maybe I should start looking for a LeCar :think:
I’ve loved the R5 ever since I first came across it in some of the early sellers pink panther movies… and from a design perspective, this is a great homage. look at those seats even!
However… it comes with Renault EV tech inside ughhhh. On paper it ticks a lot of boxes for a sensible car, but Renault etech is just oof.
Also what’s with the HUGE plastic bezel around the display behind the wheel?
The interior has some character that I dig.
Looks great, hope I can afford one.
Probably a deep recess to keep it readable in sunlight.
yeah, probably something like that...
still looks weird in their fotos, like someone put a too-small-smartphone into a holder made for a tablet or something :D
I'll reserve judgement on the instrumentation until I sort in the driver's seat. :D

This car looks great. I hope we'll see many of them. If I were looking for an electric car, this would be at the top of the list.
The exterior looks great, especially in green. The interior isn't quite as Honda e as I had hoped, it looks decidedly down-market in comparison. Maybe I should've expected that from Renault? It reminds me of my sister's 2014 Clio, which was a sea of shiny black plastic. Fabric look nice though.

Usable battery appears to be ideal for a car this size, yes to more and more realistically sized EVs with decent range!
to be fair, the R5 does cost about 1/3 less than the honda ;-)
While that's true, I can't imagine using something more premium than shiny piano black would've affected the price in any significant way. Fake wood texture/colour might not be for everyone but it does look more premium.

Tesla and Kia/Hyundai have piano black trim so it was probably a deliberate choice, I just think it looks tacky when it's in front of your face. :p
Tesla and Kia/Hyundai have piano black trim so it was probably a deliberate choice, I just think it looks tacky when it's in front of your face. :p
I hate the bloody piano black bullshit in my car. in like 90%+ of cases, I think that's a bad choice. feels more premium than cheap matte plastic, sure, but it's still a horrible surface...

friend of mine yesterday marked the R5 a "disappointment", because it has a 326 liter boot. that was the entire argument for it. he argued nobody would buy it because the as yet unreleased and unpresented concept ID2all reportedly has 440/450/490 (the sources can't even agree) liters. because clearly, in a world where fiat 500 and mini sell like crazy, the thing that matters most in a small car, is boot capacity :| drivetrain (good), design (great) and price (also good) are all clearly negligible factors in a car buying decision...
I like it very much, which is especially high praise for me as I didn't really like how the R5 looked until the supercinq or unless fitted with a gigantic widebody kit and the engine where the rear seats should be.
While I'm usually tired of car manufacturers giving their products nostalgic bodies and trying to reinvent things, this one I like. Probably because it takes a clever formula that worked, and somehow managed to reinvent it successfully. I'm looking forward to the new Renault 4, as well.

That being said, a car of this class shouldn't have 18" wheels as standard. I know I'm getting old and small-minded, but that just sounds wrong.
I'm looking forward to the new Renault 4, as well
Oooohh I wasn’t aware of that one!
But I have to say, looking at a few renders and the spy shots of winter testing, they’ve completely missed the design cues from the old 4 with that one... Complete opposite to the 5, which nails the references. Bummer.
Also: how has nobody ridiculed the completelyy out of place wicker basket baguette holder, yet?
Honestly makes me think the frenchies are just taking the piss…