Rental Car Roulette

Shame about the poorly maintained Hyundai, a great way to ruin a nice driving road. I hope you didn't mind the very variable weather we've been having, too.

To add to the point in the paint colours thread, that Corsa looks great in such a bright blue. I'm unlikely to ever need one, but I kind of want to test drive the EV version anyway.
The first two days were really okay and only Friday was bad, but it improved in the end. And the Corsa had matching Michelin tires all around while the Kona did with Turanzas up front and Nexens in the back...

There were moments when the Hyundai drove alright, but we once pulled over to eat and that point I was not sure it even ran on three cylinders. A couple hours' rest seemed to be fine for it, though. It just didn't like accelerating from standstill that much.