Restart issues- No monitor signal, no beep


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Jul 3, 2007
Melbourne, Australia
i wish i had one
Hi, since the past two weeks i've been having issues with my desktop.
When i switch on, there is no beep, no signal to the monitor and all i get are the fans running.

To properly switch on, i have to:
1. turn the PSU off. wait for ten seconds.
2. switch back on and start computer (no signal, only fans.)
3. switch PSU off and wait again.
4. switch on PC and now it works.

Also if i go to BIOS, and hit save/exit it won't restart...
All i did was to change the battery but it didn't help.
Any ideas?!

My specs: asus p5ld2, P4 3.2Ghz 640, 2x1gb 667Mhz, nvidia 8400gs, 1 master sata HDD + 1 IDE, coolermaster 380watt PSU (comes with the centurion case)
Motherboard might be dead. I had the same symptoms and it turned out to be a faulty motherboard (piece of crap ECS board).
hi- hmmm i was wondering if the motherboard is faulty, why does it boot the next time? its actually alternating. Heard from a friend (he had the same problem) that there was a fried wire in the casing or psu- he fixed that and it was back on track. I'll check the wiring today and swap the PSU and see what's going on. cheers
Vista was playing me up in a similar fashion - not quite the same. Firstly is was not shutting properly and then throwing the safe mode option on boot up. Then it would lock unless I came up in safe with network. I had to go into IE and out; close and restart, then it worked. I have reinstalled my last three applications and now it seems OK, weird.

Good luck with your fix.
Hi there- Problem fixed. It was the power connector that goes to the primary hard drive that was causing this. I'm using a molex to sata one to get it going and now it's all good. I will be buying a new PSU in a few days. thanbs guys.