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Results of June Exercise 2


Photoshop Mod
Mar 21, 2005
Carrickmacross, Ireland
BMW E46 318 CI
First of All I would like to thank all the people who voted for the entries. The entries were good and votes were close but the winner stood out by a reasonable margin. Most of the contestants voted so it was reasonably fair.

I would like to say this to the people who did not do well (including me) that don't give up but step up your game and do your best in the next exercise. We all have a lot to learn and improvements to make.

Now to the real business, Here is the Original and followed are the entries with the names of the respected choppers :

For this Exercise we had to chop this BMW,

Here are all the entries and the names of the choppers :

Entry 1 - American_Idiot (FG)

Entry 2 - Wceend23 (FG)

Entry 3 - hanasand (FG)

Entry 4 - raheel_qamar (FG)

Entry 5 - ZonDA (DS)

Entry 6 - bihus (FG)

Entry 7 - andyhui01 (FG)

Entry 8 - cookie720 (FG)

Entry 9 - Raziel (DS)

Entry 10 - mancs (FG)

Entry 11 - Boxster17 (DS)

Entry 12 - Leppy (FG)

Entry 13 - fleshbox (FG)

Entry 14 - fblacka (FG)

Entry 15 - tranceshakeel (FG)

Entry 16 - pdanev (FG)

Here are the results :

Third postion was a tie between hanasand and fblacka both gainig 11 votes :
hanasand's Chop :

fblacka's chop :

In second Position with 13 votes is Boxster17 (DS) :

And in first position with 19 votes is Wceend23 :

Congradulations to all the winners and the contestants. Be sure to check the Points Table.

Full Results Table Here
i'm a bit surprised about the 2nd position by boxter tbh, its a nice chop no doubt about that, but as far as i can see the only modifications are new wheels, simply streched front bumper, and a spoiler like thing. oh, and increased contrast of the picture. no offense, but imo this isnt really a lot... :|
I forgot to vote :bangin: :bangin: Sorry :oops:
andyhui01 said:
lol... I got no points, I actually thought I would do well in this one :lol:
your chop looks like its chassis has cracked in the middle :)
yea... its kinda hard to stretch the car, I'm a noob at photoshopping, been doing it for only about a month... :lol: