Reunion Races

And i missed the whole event :'(
Was having too much fun on L4D2 :p
oh well atleast i did some laps 1,04,xx was my best :D
Are you racing this weekend?

I got my chair fixed so I could race now.
I plan on being there but I won't know till Saturday.
Anyone racing tonight? (8 pm GMT)
The last handful of Saturdays I've been away from my home so I couldn't make it, plus I know am monitor-less on my main machine since the monitor outright died on me.
I have to work almost every saturday since I bought too expensive car :bmwpoo: :hammer: But I hope I'll have time in December, I'd really like some races.
I wanted to, but life and a Master?s degree got in the way...
Seeing those videos reminded me how fun LFS used to be.

It could be nice to race again.
I don't have my wheel anymore though and I am not sure if I have enough time either.