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Richard hammond's 5 o'clock show


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Sep 27, 2005
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gonna be shown on ITV 1 from tuesday.
sort of a magazine thing, sounds very paul o'gradyish.
Richard Hammond out of Top Gear?

Richard Hammond out of Top Gear?

and this brings to the main question

Filming Top Gear is quite a long work. A part from the Wednesday studio shooting there is the script (done by Jeremy) but then one has to be available for all the other projects!

So if you have to be at 5 pm in Channel 5 studios something has to give.

It is not something like Brainiac...

So I guess that Hammond will NOT be on the next Top Gear season and he has made a step out of the BBC.

IF (a big IF) this is true I would not be surprised: Richard Hammond is a GOOD presenter while JC and RM are car petrolheads. RH is looking already to the moment when TG will be no longer successfull or maybe JC will look at something else.

Just a provocative thought :)

i think TG is paying him as much as all his other projects combined. I find it very unlikely for him to go... they make a great team. neither of them could make presenting so interesting solo. well maybe Clarkson :D
Maybe is just for a short period of time... while the recordings for TG06 start
"Top Gear is doing immensely well, going from strength to strength and it's a joy working on a show like that. I have no intention of leaving. Every year I hear a rumour that I am, but every year I think 'no I'm not, I love it'.

That was taken from an interview he done in December, but I do see what you mean as he does more shows outside of Top Gear than the other two presenters.
I think if you were to takeaway or bring in another presenter it would ruin the show as that chemistry would be lost. Then there would be no more topgear :cry:
yeah I love how the Hammester get Mock by Jezza
I do not trust words since I leave to facts to speak for themselves :)

Fact is RH is a brilliant presenter and he looks clever with any script is handed over but he has limited ability to write his own stuff. He is the one looking "outside" the box of TG with a certain determination. TG will not last forever or it will not last forever in this brilliant format. The signs that is getting a little bit tired are there to be seen in the last series.

And I am not talking about money for a second. What I am talking about is that the TG team will have to work HARD to make a brilliant series and all the trio must be on the new cars for the relative shoot-outs. Also there must be some interaction between JC, JM and RH to some extent. I cannot believe that TG is ONLY JC...

So if you have to be in Channel Five studio at 5 pm you have to be there earlier... be prepared otherwise it will be unprofessional. How can he cope with TG engagements is my question?

Hardly is my answer.

In all fairness I would not be sad to see RH go: again he is a good presenter and will survive nicely out there. He came from a radio after all, no car experience required, remember? It is not exactly a unique characteristic hard to replicate in some form...

Just my 2 pennies

alright its finally time...
pull out the tin foil hats kids!!!

do we know what the schedule for filming top gear is? no; top gear doesnt take up 100% of his time
forget hamster, bring the fat guy back!!!

just kidding of course :whistle:
AstonMartin, quit scaring me like that :cry:

About the time it takes to record TG, according to RH himself in the following letter to, yes, Hammond Heaven (before you say anything, I do believe this is legit) the work on TG is done Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, while he needs the rest of the week to do his other shows.


I do wonder where he'll get the time for this new show, but does it state anywhere that it's a live show? If not, it could be recorded at 9 a.m. for all we know. And if he was going to leave TG, I sincerely doubt they'd let him go without even mentioning a word. Besides, it'll be just about impossible to replace him anyway (IMHO), the whole JC/RH competition is such a great and big part of TG.

Somehow I'm hoping this new show will flop :x

EDIT: seems they're only shooting two week's worth so far (just in case it doesn't catch on, I suppose):

The show is filmed live everyday. I'm going to see it on the 12th of January and the audience has to be there at 4.15 pm at the very least.

I know how long it's been commissioned for but he definitely won't leaving Top Gear. At least, let's hope so. The show would lose all that chemistry and thousands of Hammond fan viewers. Just because he does other projects doesn't mean he's leaving.

Jeremy does other thing, so does James and they've stayed put.
On wednesdays the shooting in the studio is some sort of tour the force. It starts around 2pm until 6 - 6.30 pm. And this is when all the other bits and pieces have been already prepared.

I don't know. TG will be back in May according to its past history so this leaves 4 solid months for Hammond to work on his new show. Yet he knows that any conflict with TG will be a problem. :cry:

Time will tell my friends, time will tell. 8)

Richard and Mel want to hear from you. This show is about you and your stories.

Oh brother... another crappy show with no script! "We have no clue on how to fill air time so please bring your life so we can earn our money with the minimum brain effort"

Another show that bets on the people desire to have 5 minutes of fame...

Where are the writers? And where are the great shows? Nothing... only stupid and senseless "reality this and reality that"

From "Dancing with a frock" to "Dancing on Ice" and finally "Dancing on crocodiles" where the partecipants can be eaten alive while piroetting... :lol:

21st century TV at its best :yucky:

" I sincerely doubt they'd let him go without even mentioning a word"

They changed the Stig at the drop of a hat if you remember. And as for the change from Jason to James May it was the same. New TG season, change of presenter. These are facts.

I like Hammond, he is good fun yet Jeremy is Top Gear when you think about it.

Take care

Micra said:
Somehow I'm hoping this new show will flop :x

You might be pleased to know that it wasn't that good (some people might disagree). It was good in some parts but I don't know if it was good enough to keep pulling in viewers as it was all a bit mad.
Better than expected for daytime ITV - which isn't saying much. There was a lack of chemistry between Mel and Richard, but that could be because we are spoiled with the TG trio being a perfect blend.