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Ride with Funkmaster Flex


May 28, 2004
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Anyone seen the show?

I mean, I respect the man as one of the pioneers, but this show? man oh man ... it's so sucky sucky!

I saw one ep with P. Diddy, and he was all "bling to da blang" and what not, and then he showed his 360 Spyder ... he said: "look here, a cool thing not many knows, the engine is in the back!!!!!!" :shock: :thumbsup: man, I thought I was gonna die of laughter ... he knows squat about cars IMO ...

isn't he dead?

wasn't he the guy who was shot in his own record studio not that long ago???
that's another guy ..

It was Jam Master Jay, member for the legendary Run DMC, that got shot, not Funkmaster Flex.

I've seen the show and it is pretty horrible. I've never been fond of Funkmaster Flex though - I didn't really like him as a DJ back in the , and I don't like him as a TV host today either.
I hate that entire style of car modifying. I remember on one episode he and Ludacris ran the quarter mile and Flex did an 18 second run. :lol:
Yo, don't diss Flex, the guy knows his shit, both cars and music. :lol:

Nothing like seeing a car that's 'blinged' out roll down the street. I'll respect a dude that spends money making his (expensive) car look good by getting bigger rims, spinners, the works, more than some ricer who drives a Civic with "NOS" written on it. A hustler who's flaunting it > than a baller on a budget in some Japanese shitbox all 'souped' up.
jasonchiu said:
AHAHHAHAHA 18 lol! what the fuck car was he driving

A big 'ol American musclecar.

The American Chopper guys said on Leno that he was trying to ride one of their choppers, and he couldn't even get it going without stalling.