No 56k: Ringmeet 2011 - What could possibly go wrong? (Dump all your pics & videos here)



So, here it is, the Ringmeet 2011 report thread.

Now, since there were a lot of camera guys around, I didn't take a lot of pictures, but I can do a short writeup.

It all started to go horribly wrong for MXM on thursday evening. He came on IRC asking for help because the rear suspension bushings of his Se7en broke. Perkele.

We tried sourcing the parts that night, no success. At least he was at the campsite with Ice, nicjasno and DaBoom, so he had some helping hands. The four of them went looking for a garage to help them on friday morning. While I was on the Autobahn, I got a call from MXM if I could try to pick the bushings up at some Rover dealer in Cologne. Turned out, the part number MXM gave me was partly wrong, so I found the correct part number, which MXM doublechecked with Caterham and found a small shop specialized in British classics in the outskirts of Cologne. Drove there, picked up bushings.

I hurried towards the campsite, where I was greeted by a huge crowd of FinalGearians. And by the next breakdown: Thomas had arrived in a rental A6 because his 1-Series' brake didn't release. He also cracked the windscreen of the rental. Crap.
Short overview over camp:

MXM went on fixing the Seven and was sucessfull.....or was he?

Right, after talking for a bit, we got hungry, and what better place to get food than the Br?nnchen Frittenbude during the Oldtimer GP.

We had some Hobbits there too:

I must not have gotten the "come barefoot" memo.

MXM was missing.......and then we heard: Thomas drove over MXM's hood (on ground because of repair of Se7en). FFS Ringmeet curse. MXM managed to bend it back into place:

Anyways. As this is MXM, and he generally has bad luck, his front wheel started wobbling on the drive to Br?nnchen :/ We tried to source a Caterham shop, I called the HQ, sadly they were closed. So we drove to a local garage with a Mini-fetish it seems....

They found out what was wrong: The security pin, which prevents the nut holding the wheel bearing in from rattling loose was gone, the nut was so loose he would have lost the wheel in the next 10km orso. LUCK. They fixed the car up and he was good to go again!

The squealing is a belt from MXM's car, the other squealing the brakes. Just the metal banging sound is coming from garage :p

We met up with the others at Breidscheid, but on the way we saw something ALDI.

Pics from Breidscheid:

After that, it was time for some shopping. We did beverages, others did food. I don't see anything funny about that Quicky booze. *looks around scared*

On the parking lot, Suedschleife tried to fit in the Se7en......mixed results.

Back to the campsite, time to socialize and fire up the BBQs, eat,
drink water. Plural. Pics in no particular order. Please note our awesome banner (thanks Thomas!!)

The next morning. Some of us were hung over, some were not. Can you spot who is hungover? (Hint: SHADES)

We went off to do some laps, get sunburns etc.

Galantti and me tried to do a lap in the Failbiza, as soon as we reached the track they closed it. We parked again, I got stung by a wasp (asshole animals), we waited an hour and got on the track!

MXM, DanRom, Ice, EyeQ, Ford_Prefect, the UKanians and the croatians all did some laps without trouble.

Well, there is still MXM's luck.


The bushings went. Again. He found a German to help him repair it with the spare bushings I bought him....

Now, being all sensible and such, we did the only thing we had to do in this situation.

Leave him and do a lap. This time, Galantti and me rode shotgun in the Slovaudi. Look MacGeek, broken down Ferrari!

After that, we gathered for the cruise and set off. Adu and me did the video car, so we shortcutted around and did videos of them (coming later).

We all met at the campsite again and headed towards the Restaurant. Random V12 pic.

No pics from Restaurant or that night from me.

In the next morning, we were greeted by rain. Fuck you, rainy Ringmeet sundays!

We packed our stuff, abandoned campsite and most of us left towards home. Some gathered in Br?nnchen, were we took pictures and videos (later) of drifting cars in the pouring rain. The French French car is btw Nugget's and equiraptor's rental :p

Some SlowMotion shots with my point&shoot cam (not really happy with that tbh) and an appearance by Adrian & the 850i:

After some time I drove home and left the others at Br?nnchen. At home, I started unloading car and drying Ringmeet gear in the garage ;)

I had a blast this year, this meet gets better and better. See you all (and more) next year guys!

Adding videos as we speak. Refresh this post. Watch videos in HD.

//edit: My pics in proper resolution:
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As I am going on my "real" holidays tomorrow, this will be a largely uncommented picdump. I had lots of fun with FG's people from all over the world, will be back next year for sure!
For additional Top Gear feeling, I lost the thumbdrive with all my music on it right before heading off to the meeting point with MacGuffin, DanRoM and shad, so I had to listen to the only music on my "work" thumbdrive all weekend: A collection of 75 obscure, foreign-language (mostly Scandinavian) cover versions of rock and pop classics. A collection of Thatcher speeches is only marginally better than a swedish-language version of Kris Kristoffersen's "Jody & the Kid"...

On to the pictures:
First of all, a typical shot of Eifel weather:

The Meet itself
When I arrived, I found out that the first car already got struck by the Ringmeet curse:
Apart from that, everything was fine... we headed out to Br?nnchen, watch some classic racecars go by:
Much later, on Sunday morning, Ice found a guinea pig in Der Stig and Megadeth sauce was tried:
And some shots from the member's carpark:

Then, there are stupid people on the Ring:
A "pro" (as in "wearing a 'press' vest") photographer's DSLR body fell off his scooter. After he picked the body up, the scooter fell apart:
Parked like an idiot, Nordschleife edition:
(yep, both cars shown above are parked in a roundabout)

A 3-series compact with the limited edition armco-shaped front end:

But more than anything else, there were cars. Loads of them. I did not snap the boring everyday cars like 911s, Ferraris and BMW Ms...

First things first - what is this car?

And that one (it says "Lola" on the hood, so it's some Lola)?
It's a T70 Spyder, probably one of the limited edition of official replicas built a couple of years ago.
And the rest, as snapped. My favourite car, a 69 Camaro, makes two appearances:

This concludes my report.
We surely did. Currently, I am uploading my pics in proper resolution as .rar and working on the other videos, which will take some time. I will edit the first post.
No pics from me this time, lugging around a camera while walking on two crutches is not really very nice. So I'll just add that I had a blast, wonder how the fuck I could get sunburnt on saturday, and hope that next year I will be in normal working condition and do some laps myself. Seeing everyone have a blast driving round and knowing that your car is in tip top shape for a lap but not being able to drive it STINKS.

Matra Murena.
:lol: Gotta love the "SUCK" license plate in D-Fence's set, haha.

And hooray, a Texas flag!

Oh, and Porsches Porsches Porsches Porsches PORSCHES!!! :wub: I need that BRG Exige in my life, too. So much win!
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Massive thanks to all you guys for a great day in the midst of boring study-times!
Hopefully I've left out most of the cars that have been postet before, so here we go:



this has to be one of the happiest boys in the world:

next up: FG people doing laps and other stupid things!





(that last one is nugget & equi waiting for the ring to open... at least i hope it is)
I finished uploading a first batch, too:

















I'll write something and post more pics later, here's just a sneakpeak for the others, which awesome people you did NOT meet:

Names (wrote down by Adu):
Back row: MXM, metalnarf, Galantti, Matt2000, Speetouch, Shad_68, Fluke667, Kip`, Nugget, DanRom, Dr_Grip, joel, D-Fence, Suedschleife, Adunaphel, h-p, Der_Stig, Macguffin, vuksa_kc, Ice
Front row: thomas, nicjasno, equiraptor, mikas, TobiasG, Eye-Q, DaBoom, 47

Oh and ofc we failed at that too, someone was gone getting himself a coffee...

Some call it .. swek.

Overall: I had the the best AND the worst weekend so far this year - all in one!

To the number of people: Thats 29 in the pic(s), plus Adrian and +2, plus eizbaer, plus ford prefect and 1-3 others (at the bbq and restaurant). plus .. i dont know right now, please complete .. :D
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And hooray, a Texas flag!

Somehow my tent was overrun by Texans and promptly turned into it's own state. Sadly the rain didn't respect the new borders. Probably because there weren't any guns present to enforce them. :lol:

Oh, and Porsches Porsches Porsches Porsches PORSCHES!!! :wub:

Yeah, boring. :p
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Yeah, boring. :p

After the 4th Ferrari 458 and the 3rd Mercedes SLS I also concentrated on watching the more exotic cars.

I believe someone actually dared driving a TVR Sagaris on the track... or did he just pose? I didn't pay attention all the time.
I had a great time meeting everyone and hanging out, and of course driving the ring today. I got 8 laps in the clio today, which brings my total to 15, and my fastest time was 10:03 with a yellow flag for an accident, and a little traffic. Good times.

Now I spend four days exploring western europe before flying back, so I'm not sure when I'll get my few ringmeet photos up
Beni also joined us on the saturday, he was the German helping MXM fix his Lotus.
Right, he talked to me at the Ring entrance... I was, let's say, distracted (trying to photograph some car), did not know the answer to his question (when the scenic drive will start) and then he was gone, never saw him again... year, hopefully ;)