No 56k: Ringmeet 2011 - What could possibly go wrong? (Dump all your pics & videos here)

So here comes my report - with pictures.

I started on Friday morning when shad showed up, so we headed towards Wuppertal, where we met up with Dr_Grip and MacGuffin on an Autobahn rest area. We then continued in a four-car convoi until I decided that we should divert from the planned route to avoid a traffic jam. Shad had to go to Bonn to pick up Den Stig, so he had to live with the traffic jam that not really existed. I made a picture of Dr_Grip's car in case I lost him. ;)

We then arrived at the campsite around noon, where tent-buidling and 7-repairing commenced.

Finished with that, we headed towards Br?nnchen to get some Currywurst and watch some cars. General picdump from there:

The UK has custom-plate chavs too, it seems:

After having seen enough there, we changed places and continued to watch at Breidscheid.


At the supermarket parking lot: Ferrari 412. Not so common.

We then shopped for groceries and, despite having two UKanians among us, neither left the shop without paying nor set it on fire. So, on return the camp looked peaceful and sunny...

At night some assholes threw a party next door to the campsite, so my sleep wasn't exactly uninterrupted. Anyway, the Saturday would be brilliant even if I was half-asleep. After breakfast, we went to the Ring again to do some proper ringing there. And we were greeted by a traffic jam on the last metres and a one-way arrangement to our parking lot that ruined our plan to sneak in through the back entrance. So, pictures were taken out of boredom on the road:
We then saw the UKanians and the Texans crawling slowly to the Ring entrance:

Some pics of nice cars:

It wasn't really hot that day...

I present... the target demographic of the N?rburgring marketing people.

As D-Fence mentioned, the track was closed soon due to an accident. That made a certain couple from Texas prisoners on the main straight...

Strietzel Stuck!

Around the early afternoon, many of us did laps. I did a lap with MXM knowing that the 7 had a tendency to fall apart in places highly important to driving safety. That's why I wore a helmet. :D I also did a lap myself with my own car, and was passenger to Nugget in his rented Clio Cup.

On the Ring with Nugget.

After that lap, I hurried back to the parking lot to catch the start of the Scenic Route challenge, and I managed not to miss. And it was fun, some really nice roads in the Eifel mountains...
My navigator Dr_Grip and I soon caught up to MacGuffin, and it was fun following him. Especially watching him overtaking someone on a road maybe 4.5 metres wide... and then struggling to follow him. That 535d is really fast.

In the evening we went to the Pizzeria in Barweiler. Not-so-random awesome BMW behind us:

The dinner was good too, we had all the upper floor to ourselves. Much talking and laughing, no picture-taking from me.

Next morning, the weather continued last year's traditions and was shitty. I woke up from the rain hitting my tent, and the waited quite some time before opening the door...

So why yes, I was hungry:

thomas' car was steaming:

... and I hit a milestone on the way to the ring.

We went to Br?nnchen again for some sightseeing, unfortunately it was raining, raining and raining some more. So an M3 driver hit the guardrail and then parked his car at Br?nnchen to be picked up. You can't see it on this picture, but it had body damage on the left side, no wing mirror, no window and a deployed curtain airbag.

The Sunday suddenly became much more epic. Adrian's friends appeared and offered a passenger ride in the 8 series, Adrian driving. I was the only one wanting to go, so we went to do a lap after the rain had stopped, but the track was still wet. I'll let Adrian tell the story of his lap. ;)
After that, when standing around at the entrance, Ford showed up and opened his passenger door, and again I was the first to jump in. That way I saw that the track was drying, and I got some useful advice from Ford (thanks a lot! :) ). My confidence built up, I purchased another lap for myself. And at least I was better than on Saturday, increased track knowledge at work. :D After that, while again standing around doing nothing useful at the Ring entrance, Kip showed up and asked if someone wanted the last seat on a BMW ringtaxi lap he had sourced out of some american woman purchasing it for her son or something. After a quick look into my wallet, I decided that money has no meaning to me and joined Kip. We were driven by an engineer, he said he actually developed the M3 suspension or something like that. He certainly knew the car well, that lap was simply awesome. Even if the back seat of the M3 with stock seat belts is not really suited for track use. :D

After that, I really wanted to do one or two more laps with my own car, but decided it was too expensive and probably too risky, because I was too keen on getting faster. So, I called it a day and drove home.
The way home then was the most dangerous part of the weekend, because I was simply too tired to drive. After experiencing several microsleeps since Bonn, I finally found a place to rest at Schloss R?ttgen and went to sleep for half an hour, delaying my arrival till 7pm. But better late than never.

The week-end really was a blast. :) A big thanks to the organizers especially, to the people having me as a passenger, and simply for everyone to turn up and being awesome. :) It was really nice meeting so much new faces. It's easy for me to turn up at the Ring, but flying in or driving over a thousand km to attend is very commendable.
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Right, he talked to me at the Ring entrance... I was, let's say, distracted (trying to photograph some car), did not know the answer to his question (when the scenic drive will start) and then he was gone, never saw him again... year, hopefully ;)
You probably only saw my torso and legs whilst the rest of me was buried under MXM's car ;). Next year for sure.

Even though I only arrived halfway through and didn't get to know everyone it was great fun. Sadly I had to leave early aswell, but I'll stay at least two days next year.
Highlight was of course the drive with MXM in the Seven, but also fixing it with daboom on the roof and metalnarf pressing the bushings in. Excellent teamwork. Thanks also to Adu and Joel for taking us along on the way back and to everyone involved in organising it!

I've only taken five pics and they all contain the Seven, so here a few:

The Seven and my Mercedes:

Danrom and MXM getting ready for a ring lap:

MXM and me at the start of the scenic drive:

Refueling during the drive, we joined Ice and his henchmen:
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I'll write something and post more pics later, here's just a sneakpeak for the others, which awesome people you did NOT meet:

Names (wrote down by Adu):
Back row: MXM, metalnarf, Galantti, Matt2000, Speetouch, Shad_68, Fluke667, Kip`, Nugget, DanRom, Dr_Grip, joel, D-Fence, Suedschleife, Adunaphel, h-p, Der_Stig, Macguffin, Ivan, Ice
Front row: thomas, nicjasno, equiraptor, mikas, TobiasG, Eye-Q, DaBoom, 47

Oh and ofc we failed at that too, someone was gone getting himself a coffee...

Some call it .. swek.

Overall: I had the the best AND the worst weekend so far this year - all in one!

To the number of people: Thats 29 in the pic(s), plus Adrian and +2, plus eizbaer, plus ford prefect and 1-3 others (at the bbq and restaurant). plus .. i dont know right now, please complete .. :D

Looks like you guys had a blast, well done every body.


(BTW the FinalGear Ringmeet banner was 1.5 meters too low.)

There is a joke in there, somewhere...

Also, it seems you guys had a great time. I should join you someday...
(BTW the FinalGear Ringmeet banner was 1.5 meters too low.)

As the owner of said banner I hereby declare you responsible for putting it up higher next year. Problem was: right behind the grass terain goes down to a small river. It basically was ~3m above ground, but not above the camping-level. Anyway, next year, next try. Although if you (anybody) like the banner, I'm open to donations too. Surprisingly it didn't come for free ;)
I had a great weekend at the ring, and it was really nice to take a closer look at all those cars that I usually just see on tv. Pretty weird feeling though going "Oh, another porsche...meh" Pretty muched stopped counting them after seeing 10 of them in a space of 5 minuttes. Much more fun looking for something really rare, and I found something on the first day I arrived(Friday).

First was two Alfa Romeo Montreal. Love the looks of them.

Second car was something really old. Not really sure of it?s exact name is, I think it?s an 8c something. But I?m sure Macgeek would correct me here.


I'll upload my pics tomorrow and also sort out the 2 lap videos. I'm really tired right now and can't possibly be bothered. :p I'm so lazy right now I can't even be bothered to make the DEAL WITH IT gif to use in this post.
I'd also like to thank Ford_Prefect for his generosity. Those 3 laps that i was able to spend as his co-driver were simply awesome. Best expirience ever. And also thanks to his friend Tobias, who also drove me a lap in the matte black e30. You guys rock!!!
The Sunday suddenly became much more epic. Adrian's friends appeared and offered a passenger ride in the 8 series, Adrian driving. I was the only one wanting to go, so we went to do a lap after the rain had stopped, but the track was still wet. I'll let Adrian tell the story of his lap. ;)
Yeah.. I'll let the video footage and commentary talk for itself:

EDIT: MXM's lap:
I forgot to cut the end. MXM's lap is ~11:20
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w00t, a Volvo hearse! I think I'd prefer a final flying lap of the 'ring instead of a funeral anyway. :lol:

What are those tiny cars, DanRoM? Those are adorable!
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Oh, right, I didn't notice the fourth wheel... :rofl:
Added video of Galantti's & mine lap to Post #1! :)

As well, I need to look at my brakes today, something went wrong it seems, front might be warped, rear was scraping a bit :/
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Awesome awesome awesome! Great pics guys, looks like you had fun. :cool: I need to drag my arse over to Deutschland to visit the 'Ring as soon as I can afford it, just to have a bit of perve at those fantastic cars that show up. Hell, where I come from, even your run-of-the-mill 911 is a rare beast. :-(
Ok, next batch of pics from me.

As you may have noticed, no car pics from me (I suspected everybody else did them anyway). I concentrated on catching the mood instead by mostly taking photographs of people.

Btw., I know that probably most will know it anyway but the original solution can only be seen, when you open the link to the pic in a separate window ;)

The barbecue on Friday evening (mental note: Next time make a shopping list, before entering the supermarket):















At the restaurant on Saturday evening (with slight traces of sunburn on some folks):




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At the restaurant on Saturday evening (with slight traces of sunburn on some folks):

Pic: Axis of evil right there :p and restaurant - Thomas' face matched his shirt......and you sir be lucky there was no pic of you (yet), you were quite red yourself. :p
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Pic: Axis of evil right there :p and restaurant - Thomas' face matched his shirt......and you sir be lucky there was no pic of you (yet), you were quite red yourself. :p

Yeah, I thought of bringing almost anything... except sunblocker.
I have some in my car during summer, learnt from previous ringmeets, used it, it was very efficient, no sunburn but nice tan here - should have said something.... ;)