No 56k: Ringmeet 2015 - We're gonna need a bigger camp site...

Thanks for the great photos, Thomas! I'm totally saving some of them for future use :)
Someone asked me to post my chops of finish_m?n for people who don't have facetubes. So here they are ...

This is story of finish m?n
how it all started:

by Dennis Boberg, auf Flickr

This one followd soon.

by Dennis Boberg, auf Flickr

and the latest addition. Which was an "fan request" :D .

by Dennis Boberg, auf Flickr
I only have photos from OGP and a little bit from around ring entrance...

I love everything in this interior. Down to the little leather leg protection on the side of the transmission.

And look at that steering linkage!

AFR gauge looks like an afterthought ;)

Some sort of Renault from over 100 years ago. The dashboard is an oil reservoir :)

And I'm not entirely sure what this is or why is it here (a drip lubrication for something).


Really strange headlight placement

Half the cars had shock absorbers like these. It's basically a clutch.

Volker Erdle

Strategic numberplate placement

Quite an expensive cup of coffee

But then the coffee machine is a Moto Guzzi

Found a Lotus 7! It was pretty standard. The rear view mirror was something I haven't seen before.

Wake me up when the Alfas start running...

F1! This alone was worth the admission price.

Turn up the volume.

This is a fraction of the mind-boggling amount of Porsches there were.


Sparco seat ruins the view

Ring entrance. People seemed grumpy.

Joe was pretending to use his phone

And then this happened

How are we going home, Matt?

And here's Peter doing some sort of Volvo-gang-sign

That's it :( I have a lot more from the roadtrip though, I'll try to get them posted tomorrow evening in the appropriate thread.
Great photos, all of you. I forgot about Ice saluting to the fallen Disco. :lol:

It still looks good though even on the truck, much better than my other scruff box.
Magdalena was created and provided by Jan (gt1750) and his wife. She's also the youngest Ringmeet Award winner ever :p

I was expecting to bring Carlo and make him be the youngest attendee, but Magdalena beat him to it. :lol:
So basically, get on it now and you have a chance on beating that record next year. :D
That kid wasn't having much luck that day, I saw him going around leaning on his elbow at one point. :lol: