No 56k: [Ringmeet 2016] Standing around doing nothing since 2007

Alexes are good at sleeping at Ringmeets! :p
The rest of my film shots (first part in the UK roadtrip thread).

The model Zastava

"Isn't it supposed to have red door cards?"

McGyvering commences

Ivan dispences t-shirts with the grace of an Olympian athlete

I just snapped this blindly from the side window, didn't even have time to focus. Turned out great :D

Sunday afternoon, many have left

The rest needed to be fed

There's Hemily somewhere behind the beard

The rest of the pictures are from the last hours of the OGP on Sunday (thanks for the pass, Liga!).

It was even the same colour, I swear!

M1 ripping eardrums and occasionally spitting flames

Completely forgot which car's interior this is. Any clue?

Yay film! :thumbsup:
Is that a Viking thing?

Maybe? I didn't even know i could braid, i just accidentally did it while watching movies, and i keep doing it without thinking.
Just weird idle habit.