Ringmeet 2019 - Taking in US refugees!


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Jul 27, 2005
The first year I don't show up at all and you guys make fools of yourselves.

Guess I know what that means.

Also when was the last time that it didn't start raining hard on Friday evening?


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Aug 21, 2009
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I hate that I felt really bad for most of Ringmeet, but hopefully at least the Puffalumps were enjoyable. They're good! Soft! Always squishy! The best.

Sounds like migraine time coincided with a lot of turbodrunk that I wasn't around for, and most of what I can remember is not being able to sleep the first night I had a really bad migraine and tried to get to bed early. Thanks so much to the couple folks who dropped in with migraine meds—I definitely have a new medication to suggest for "hey, this is a migraine" when I'm back home. (Also, apparently I need to start carrying migraine meds in my bag again, and not just the ones I have for tension headaches. Three cheers for being too broken to function, I guess.)

Anyway, I think Dr. Grip nailed it—dumb ideas are fun, but don't do anything that would attract the authorities or get us kicked out of a good spot, and don't be dicks to each other or other campsite guests. I'm all for limiting the hard stuff to "weirdo tastings" like Malört, but c'mon. Be adults about it. This ain't college. I admit that I went along with Klopfer Mania to start off when we were all sitting around after dinner, but was a hard pass on more hard stuff after that. Same "be adults" advice goes for driving like you're on a public road when you're on a public road, especially in someone else's car. I also missed that drama, but it's worth noting that the stuffed animal enthusiast of the group shouldn't have to be the one repeating that tidbit of advice.

That being said, I had a bunch of fun. I hope I didn't accidentally act a fool or bring down the party too much with how garbage I feel. Nobody deserves to feel as crappy as I do lately. I hope I can go again sometime, but I don't know when anything's ever going to improve on my end, to be honest. The BBQ was beyond excellent. I should just like, move to the 'Ring already. It's the good place. The one place with kebap at home is like, far. Also, there's far fewer 911s in Austin and I can't deal with that.


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Feb 18, 2007
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So, what to do:
a) Please don't abandon Ringmeet next year, especially @public , @DaBoom and @Lastsoul .

Nah, if anything I'm with you on the middle ground thing. I guess me feeling physically sick was interpreted as being displeased about what's happening around the campsite. But Finlandmän shou no emoushion, so I guess it's hard to tell. :mrgreen:

Missed out on quite a lot this year by first feeling sick after the dinner on Saturday and then suffering from neck pain throughout Sunday, which also brought on some interesting nerve pain issues. At least I got well enough to make it home the next day without issues. :razz:

Still had fun, whenever I was well enough to have fun. Already waiting for the next one.


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Nov 30, 2008
Sydney, Australia
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Glad I could show up and surprise everyone this year!

I ended up going to sleep "early" on Thursday and Friday nights, due to a combination of 24 hours travel and being a sleepy drunk. So I slept through the worst of the behaviour I've heard about. Revving V8s, drunk karaoke, cowbell. I missed it all.

I agree that we need to watch it, and make sure that we don't make a pain of ourselves at the campsite, or around the local area, but that should just be common sense. We have a good thing going, let's not spoil it.
Neither did I participate in laps of the "test track", so again, I only know about what I heard from others.

While I did drive a couple of cars, I try and treat them better than my own, so no driving like an idiot, especially if the owner is not in the vehicle with me.

I think the Friday night drunkenness was mostly a result of the rain, and being crammed in the tents waiting for the BBQ with nothing to do. Hard booze on no food, is a recipe for disaster. If we'd been spread around cars, it wouldn't have been so bad.

The pub quiz: I enjoy the group participation aspect of this, but the questions are aimed at the people writing them - exactly why the Finns took over from the Adus to start with - and most of the group struggle to answer. This means a lot of people zone out to their own conversations, which combined with people being three sheets to the wind already, made it impossible to hear (and Public isn't the loudest person either).

The Google doc answer sheet, while a good idea in theory for those marking the answers, actively made cheating much worse. That was inevitable.

Also, I'd like to recommend that we use the time before dinner on Saturday night for the group photo, when we have the entire group in the one place, and basically sober.


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Jun 18, 2011
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This was the first time time I got to the ringmeet, and for the most part it was what I expected. First time in Germany all together(credit/debit card usage people!!!). Great to see people again, great to meet new people behind the nicknames. Some very stunning places and scenery, not to mention the ring itself witch was great. Some things I would probably do differently next time around(there will be a next time!), but all in all a very positive experience!

Regarding the quiz, Team Sunroof was based close enough to hear everything and it seemed fairly normal to me. The online answers were a good idea but I know we lost our answers as others did and it did encourage cheating. For the record, Team Sunroof did not cheat. We should definitely persevere with the quiz in some form or other, it wouldn't be right without it.
Team Sunroof!