Ringmeet 2020 - A clear case of Carownervirus!

I have the shifter logo and could put up a design on Redbubble at cost price, they’re always a little overpriced but you can just buy one. Currently shows 15% off but I’m not sure how long that will run for.

I should note that the logo @DanRoM is using is the LeMons skull and cross-pistons rather than the shifter though, I don’t have a copy of that one.
Daniel, can you add one for me as well (I will of course pay for shipping to Canukistan). Thanks :)
Daniel, can you add one for me as well (I will of course pay for shipping to Canukistan). Thanks :)

Are you sure you can afford it with your Canukistani Pesos?

Also @DanRoM chuck me down for two please!
D'oh, I misread and thought you already made a redbubble thing.

Oh sorry, not yet but I could. I misunderstood and thought you wanted to use the FG logo but just didn't have it. :LOL:

I can promise the RB price won't be comparible to what you have, but might be good for people to have it made locally and save on shipping. I don't have the skull logo though, I'll take down the link to the main one too.
So I now have about 20 orders, that's plenty. :)

I should have mentioned that these are not medical masks, but rather the textile ones designed to protect others from you.

If anyone wants out because of this, tell me within the next two hours (19:00 UTC). This same message also went into the relevant Telegram channels.
Here's the link to the Redbubble version.

Intended for people in the US really, not worth getting one in Europe. Check the shipping costs and see if they're acceptable, otherwise get your name down for a proper one from Daniel. :p

This is the cheapest I could get them, they're at cost price. They're also 'fashion' masks.
I've ordered 20 masks, since @Kiki canceled for her and @Blind_Io, that's a bit more than enough (19 orders in total, counting the rest of the Non-Europeans).
The price difference to the Redbubble version is basically that RB charges €16 (!) for shipping, while the German shop I've now ordered with offers free shipping.
Yeah I never expected the large order to go through RB, it's just an alternative for people who would otherwise miss out. Single shipping is much more reasonable. :)

Thanks for ordering.
Yup! Thanks for organizing you guys!
Ok, better late than never, here's the current list and more importantly the payment information. As usual, green nickname means payment receiverd. Please report all errors or missing people ASAP!

- thomas +1, thu-mon, car - 112 EUR
- peterhg, thu-mon, car - 77 EUR
- DaHitch. thu-mon, bike - 61 EUR
- tobig, thu-mon, car - 77 EUR

- loose(+1), thu-mon, car(s) - 122 EUR
- Bobele, thu-sun, car - 64 EUR
- Adrian, thu-mon, car - 77 EUR (plus all the angry pixies)
- terrex, thu-mon, car - 77 EUR
- Icebone, thu-mon, car - 77 EUR
- nicjasno, thu-mon - 61 EUR
- anesthesia, thu-mon, car - 77 EUR
- daboom, thu-mon - 61 EUR
- david.si+1, thu-sun, car - 104 EUR
- gt1750+3, thu-sun, car - 184 (64+3x40) EUR

Obviously the people ridesharing can split the difference and adjust the numbers (Darjan/Ales, Timo/Mikko).

Hotel - 24€ p.p.: (2 people = 48€, etc..)
- narf
- leviathan
- danrom
- mitchi
- nicholas (forgot forum name, too lazy to check and adjust and now I am adding just more words for the visual joke..)

Please pay swiftly and correctly using the known ways:

German Account numbers:
Bank: DKB (Deutsche Kreditbank AG)
Account: 1018604924
BIC (BLZ): 12030000

European numbers (SEPA):
IBAN: DE36 1203 0000 1018 6049 24

(Yadda yadda paypal fees, please mind if applicable.)
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Unfortunately I won't be coming this year, too many variables and I can't afford to be stranded in France if something kicks off here. Three and half months on vastly reduced pay have already hurt my finances quite a bit. Someone else will have the build the barbecue this year. :LOL:
Well, that certainly is a bigger list than your 5 person requirement of "I don't care if theres 5 people, we're doing this no matter what!" :D
Please to add me as well, Thursday-Monday, planning on coming with bike only.
@DanRoM if you have masks left I'll take one. Completely missed that somehow. :D