Ringmeet 2021 - Aw Balls - making a detour! (August 12th-16th)


As far as food goes, I'm from out of the country, so hell yeah, German food, but also SPRING ROLLS!!! Can we get a round of #11 (Vietnamesiche Frühlingsrollen)? I figure I'm stopping for German food somewhere anyway, though, so I'd also be open to the Asian eats.

For entrees:
Schnitzel Wiener Art (102) or Gratinierte Schnitzel (103) sounds great.
Thai Yellow Curry with duck (201) or salmon (205) sounds good, too.
Spicy Sake Maki (907), Summer Roll (936) sound good for sushi.

I'm guessing the full bar will be available? I've never tried a Schuss or Eifelgeist, haha. Down for sake, too, depending on what we get.
Me, Rebeca and Carlo are used to eating everything, so we're pretty much "Whatever. Bring it"

Also, it's all in German. :LOL:
yeah i'm in for eathing schnitzel :3

i should prolly pay you via bank transfer.

edit. and paid, but had to vefiry the payment twice o_O
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@thomas thanks for all your work on finding a new campsite. Awesome that it's now booked. We'll likely come in seperate cars.

To clarify: Nicholas and I will stay from fri to sun, and we'll be hotelling. Our friend will stay from sat to sun and will camp in his own car.
Great to see it's all coming together. Thank you for the effort!

I'd take the 503/505 or 603/605 on the menu (fried rice or glass noodles). And maybe a Peking Soup (13) or Vietnamese Spring Rolls (11) for starter.

(And as Mitchi stated, we have booked a room somewhere, so we won't be camping, and we're attending Fri-Sun).
Awesome, sounds like we got a Ringmeet happening :) I'll be camping, tent or car, as already stated.

Restaurant / food: happy with either 110 (mushroom sauce schnitzel) or 107 (rumpsteak). But alternatively, noodles with fried duck or sushi would also be perfectly fine - though I'm typically wary of sushi in places that aren't exclusively focused on it.
Hotel is booked at the restaurant. Exciting things, summer is looking up. <3

I'll send the money tonight, @thomas

Let's try again with doing shit around the area that hopefully is not flooded out.

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wine tour
wine tour

Also, I really need to do Burg Eltz since I did a project on it in ninth grade, haha. We had to pick a castle to profile, and somehow that's the one we ended up going with. (No I don't remember much about it, haha. But cool!)
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I'm staying here in Daun, <10min drive: https://goldfass.de/ - I've probably snatched the last single room, but there's at least one double left for about 40€ per night per person, seems a bit cheaper on their site than at the usual booking sites.
I just booked a hotel room, it's offical! :mrgreen:
Landhaus Müllborn, Gerolstein, 22min away from the Ringmeet basecamp.
Ha, the fizziest brand of bubbly water available over here (that I've found, anyway) is good ol' Gerolsteiner.

...is it available locally in a large kiddie pool? Thanks in advance.
Question: Is Ringbeer still on for this year? Or is it a nope because of Eww, Covid?

(I am fine either way, TBH. Just wondering if I should entrust United with a beer *shudder*.)
Another question: Given the unusual situation, do we still have a party tent and more than enough beer benches, or do I need to bring my own camping chair?
The following pdf files might be relevant for those wanting to know which route to take towards the Eifel region/camp site. Got this through some stuff at work, it's not sensible data, so why not share here. Enjoy.

Edit: sorry for using mediafire-links, but one of the pdf files won't stay attached in ze forums...

Question: Is Ringbeer still on for this year? Or is it a nope because of Eww, Covid?

(I am fine either way, TBH. Just wondering if I should entrust United with a beer *shudder*.)

I plan to bring a few. Seipp's and some gluten free for @NLZW735

New suitcase arrived today. Maybe there's room for a beer. We'll see how space and budgetary caca works out. :bmwpoo: