Ringmeet 2021 - Aw Balls - making a detour! (August 12th-16th)

Have a visualization of the campsite. You should be entering from that yellow road, coming from the main road. Driving in you are passing the mainparking lot, where we probably should keep the cars most of the time unless we find out that parking on the green is acceptable. You then zig-zag around it, drive between the two small ponds, hang a left, and you are entering the big grass area, surrounded by pine trees. That is the main camping area. I am not sure how much of that is for us alone, but that is where all of our tents go! Behind that last row of pine trees is another smaller bit, which is where the party tent will be set up! So we have a clear separation between party and camping.

The sanitary installations are in the two buildings marked on their map here, you will be passing those between the parking lot and the tent area. Toilets and showers are there. The main reception is on the other side, next to the first bigger ponds away from us.

If you get there before I do - whoever you are - please head to the reception, tell them my name (Thomas Endesfelder), and that you are going to be starting to set up in that corner where they put the party tent. I did not bother trying to explain or name Finalgear. He should be hopefully aware, I told him there might be people arriving before I do, no idea how his English is. Having to make a detour via NL, I WILL definitely arrive later than some people. Please make sure to offer a good first impression, don't dick around, listen to the guy running the place, and if questions arise, have him call me or do it yourself.