Ringmeet 2024 - maybe not VS, but also not bust! August 8th - 12th 2024


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Well, we gotta plan this, we're very likely going try a different campsite this year, with better sanitary installations and slightly closer to the ring. They are generally open to taking us in, but they want a bit more pre-planning and certainty and a relatively definite number of people nice and early. So, let's hear it, who's showing up this year? Same timeframe, early birds arrive on Thursday, August 8th, and everyone will be forcefully evicted by Monday the 12th.

Planned location is Camping Fringsmühle in Blankenheim (https://maps.app.goo.gl/K7KLRmVL5wbAd6pW6), which is about 20km and 18-20 Minutes west of Adenau or the Tourist Track Entrance. They even have a bunch of basic but affordable hotel rooms on site!

- better location (distance wise)
- guest rooms on site
- better facilities

- Nearby food sources seem .. lacking
- parking mainly outside the gate, only registered cars can get through the barrier. I'd very much like to limit this to a few cars for transferring shit, the rest can stay outside.
- They may require a downpayment upfront, but I can understand and am fine with that to the extend that we've talked about it so far.

And saying that, I need to thank @93Flareside for taking the lead on this. He reached out to them (and others) this year and for some reason he must have the magic touch, because he got positive feedback while I was sent away the last two years :D. Chris is actively organizing this right now and has done the on site inspections and chats so far.

As usual, if you plan on attending and camping, please tell me when you plan on arriving and departing, as well as with or without your own car. Hotel people just let me know you're coming at all.

  • Thomas, car, thu-mon
  • Joe, car, thu-mon (may switch to hotel)
  • Peter, car, thu-mon (also maybe hotel)
  • Chris, car, thu-mon
  • Jan+1, car, thu-sun
  • Ivan+1, (car?), thu-sun
  • Nicholas, car, thu-mon (maybe -sun)
  • Frank
  • Olex

  • Daniel
  • 3 Braziguese
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Thu-Mon, car - Maybe camping or hotelling, undecided.
Thu-Mon Car probably camping but hoteling sounds appealing if cheap enough/available.
Thanks @93Flareside and @thomas!

Although it's west of Adenau, not east. :D

I'll be there, with a car, but duration and mode of accommodation is still undecided. Depends on whether I'll do the Roadtrip, along other things.
Definitely attending, as usual, thu-mon. Last year we found a nice airbnb near by and I really do think I'm done with the whole camping thing so if Matt and Michelle join me again, we'll be looking into either the cheap hotel rooms on site or an airbnb nearby.
So basically we're renting out all the rooms in the place? :LOL:
Consider me onboard this year. I just sent a reservation request for the Landgasthof.
I'm out for baby reasons.
oh hai.

Thursday-Monday in a tent.

Something also to mention. The restaurant on site is not opening this year, I had asked they said they didn’t have people to run it.

There’s also no Google-able bakery in the town, so if you want breakfast, it’s probably best to plan ahead. This is rural germsny, we might get lucky there. There is another restaurant in town, but i haven’t checked with them.
I'll try to make it there this year, probably with a +1, a car and a tent, likely Thu-Sun.
Update: hotel at the campsite is already fully booked... which means I'm out again, sorry.
We're all getting old fucks, soon we'll be looking for a hotel with a backyard and a big parking lot.

I'll have you know I've camped out in 40+ C weather, UPHILL BOTH WAYS and I still managed to keep my beers...er, mostly cool-ish. COLD ENOUGH! EVEN THE SWIMMING HOLE WAS HOT! The bathrooms smelled like festering turds as soon as you opened the doors! We've camped out enough that a significant part of the dried-out husk of the Colorado River is now MY PEE.


(I guess I'll be the other kind of old fart. I'd rather borrow a tent over there, though.)

Hopefully this campsite isn't as moist-cold in the morning and people aren't blasting Johnny Däpp all night.

I should finalize plans? Figure out what the 'Murica contingent is doing? Fix the Lancer, maybe? Definitely not blow all of my money on queso and Truck Nutz.

Yeah, I got the same reply, the Gästehaus is unfortunately full.

Instead I booked a small AirBnB in Üxheim, 5 minutes away by car. There is more capacity there, too, as a separate unit, and another place available in the village for like 4 more people as well.
Aaaand I'm back in again, found a nearby AirBNB :)
OK I think I'll be in for the full experience this time.
1 person with car and tent, camping Thu-Mon; might shorten to Thu-Sun but we'll see.
Maybe 3 brazilians will attend
Will update accordingly
I added the named people so far. And for those who are wondering still why not go back to Dockweiler once more:

To put their ineptitude of running a business into perspective: They could not accept my payment in 2022 for the camping and rented items when I checked out on monday, and could not give me as much as an estimate of how much the drinks cost sourced through them. I was supposed to get that information with a total bill per email or phone "soon". Let's just put it this way: I paid for 2022 camping when checked out in 2023. The drinks were never accounted for, no way to figure shit out, so I just said "not my problem", paid for the known amount for camping, tent, benches, etc., and did the same for 2023 (where we brought our own frailer). My desires to go back there to that and sometimes locked shipping container showers with sometimes hot water is very limited.