Ringmeet 2024 - maybe not VS, but also not bust! August 8th - 12th 2024

Thu - Mon, car and tent. What's this years plan with drinks Fridge or Frailer ?
@Bobele23, Frailer is in the plans, but I haven't checked around yet. I won't be able to pick it up this year as I'll be on the roadtrip anyways.

Alright, so now the ones who have said yes to camping are booked in, so we have space at least for who's on the list.

@thomas, Davetouch and +1 are joining, but are forum-allergic. :D
I've extended my AirBnB for the full Thu-Mon duration. Gf is going to be in Köln on Monday, going to visit her there then - no point in going home on Sunday already :) So Thu-Mon, hotel, car (quite possibly not the Tesla for a change, we'll see).
Planning to attend, had to move vacation days so now its in these days. Of course arriving with Ivan, tenting.
OK I think I'll be in for the full experience this time.
1 person with car and tent, camping Thu-Mon; might shorten to Thu-Sun but we'll see.
Update on this: can't stay until Monday, need to move the additional day off for a different vacation, so Thu-Sun it is.
Let me clarify: Does the campsite offer something, like Viktoria Station did?
Let me clarify: Does the campsite offer something, like Viktoria Station did?

They have a little store on site, but i don‘t remember the hours. Its the building if you look on the maps, that is left of the gate.

Theres nothing google-able around within walking distance for breakfast from what i remember checking.
I want to give a bit of an update on how things are going, due to the way the campsite organises itself we need to make sure that everyone confirms exactly the dates and how many camping spots they will need.

@93Flareside has pre-booked for the first batch but we need to confirm ASAP for the next batch of people. We need everyone’s confirmations by the end of MAY at the latest, please make sure that you answer ASAP… After that time there is no guarantee there will be a camping spot for you so you are probably on your own.

So please everyone, time to get your shit together and let us know if/when you will be joining!
@DanRoM please confirm if you're in a tent or airbnb somewhere.
1 me, 1 car, 1 tent Thursday - Monday
Hey all, the last spots have been booked. From here on out, any stragglers are left to their own devices.