Ownership Verified: Ringmeet fashion accessory - MX-5 NB

It's registered in my name on the road, even with a fitting combination on the numberplate! :wub:

One (more) thing I did change were the wiperblades, the old ones were the rubbish old style blades and I bought a set of Bosch Aerotwins. Since I'm planning on driving it around mainly in wet weather (yes, you read that right, I bought a roadster to drive it in wet weather... :ninja:) I bet that will make it much better.

Oh, one more thing: the insurance and taxes will kill me for sure - for the three months it's currently registered for partially comprehensive insurance is 63,55 Euros, taxes are a whopping 27 Euros. This means all in the car cost 2176,83 Euros of my own money and I'll have about 1/7th in fuel on top. Not bad a deal I'd say. :smile:

2022-08-01 Mazda MX-5 on the road 1.jpg

2022-08-01 Mazda MX-5 on the road 2.jpg

As I wrote in the opening post there are major scoring marks on the left side where one of the previous owners scraped it against something and the wheel arch rusts, but that doesn't concern me since (famous last words...) I'll sell it when the 300 Euros of fuel money run out...

2022-08-01 Mazda MX-5 on the road 3.jpg
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Let me just quickly test-fit my camping gear - oh dear... :huh::-D

2022-08-06 Camping Gear Test Fit.jpg

Yes, I could do without the camp bed, but then it wouldn't be glamping, would it?

While I was back there I checked the bulb for the third brake light, it was blown. Good thing I kept a couple of bulbs when I sold my BMW back in December 2018 (!) and that one of those bulbs was the one I needed... :thumbup:
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The car has served it's purpose and I still have a lot of fuel money left - ah well, maybe I'll have some more joyrides, try to get it TÜV'd and sell it afterwards...

The first lap I took by myself to get a feel for the car and the track again, last time I was on there was 2018 with my E46 touring. Not bad I'd say, BTG was 10:37ish.

View: https://youtu.be/A9fpVOooits
Then @Adrian was mad enough to be my passenger, unfortunately between my first and second lap there was a big crash at Galgenkopf, they had to repair the barriers there and there were yellow flags from Schwalbenschwanz on.

View: https://youtu.be/KKQuZ0u84Jw
On the third lap @Galantti passengered, the repairs were still ongoing so no all-out lap there as well. :(

View: https://youtu.be/HYZGJLttzLI
The car has served it's purpose and I still have a lot of fuel money left - ah well, maybe I'll have some more joyrides, try to get it TÜV'd and sell it afterwards...
Upon sale time you can use "I'll fill it up" as a bargaining chip.

As for serving its purpose, it did - I now know for sure that I'll never fit in an early MX-5, comically so.
How did it feel on the track, solid and not sketchy at all?
It was pretty solid, now I understand the high praises for the MX-5 in general and I'd say the strut brace does it's job very well. :thumbup: You can definitely feel the difference between the 1.7ish ton E46 (my last one even had sports suspension) and the just over 1 ton MX-5 in the corners, the E46 pretty much had to be forced into the corners while the MX-5 is way more chuckable. Power-to-weight-ratio between the E46s and the MX-5 is pretty much on par (170 hp at 1.7ish tons vs. 110 hp at just over 1 ton) so in the uphill sections there wasn't much acceleration above 120-130 kph for both cars.