Ringmeet MMXV August 7th-9th 2015: Planning thread

Ringmeet MMXV August 7th-9th 2015: Planning thread

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We aren't fighting over Coco now are we? I can assure you there is more than enough of her to go round and by that I refer to her personality and nothing else.
Oh I agree totally. I'm just making her aware of options in case the big trip is too expensive or time consuming. Don't forget our American cousins don't get anything like the amount of paid annual leave that you do in Yurp. Even the UK lags behind much of the rest of the EU in terms of the minimum - I get a measly 21 days plus statutory Bank Holidays. :(

Plus it would only be two days in the Disco - I would imagine the rest of the time would be spent in a couple of Audis and whatever else is there.
21 days? That's poor. I get 30 days.
Just picturing a train of the fastest FG has to offers to pick people up :lol:

This followed by the suggestion of coming in the Disco made me laugh. Slowest FG has to offer more like (well almost, to be proven either way).

Of course I'd be happy for Coco to join us if that works best, it had crossed my mind when London was mentioned.

several gruelling days in a loud Land-Rover :ninja:

I'm sorry what's that? I can't hear you. :p I could put the big centre silencer back on, I'm torn between loud exhaust tone and slightly less noise and vibration inside. :think:

Dunno if I've been in here before... But again: Won't be able to do Ringmeet this year.
Seems I'm very bad at picking dates for my summer holiday. Gonna be in Kenia with the GF for 2 weeks around that date.
Oh, yeah, hey, I booked my flights. I fly into Munich the week before, hanging out with my college friends who won't make Ringmeet. On the 9th, I fly out of Frankfurt at 10am.

I haven't figured out the train from Munich to Frankfurt to near Frankfurt :p
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I haven't figured out the train from Munich to Frankfurt to near Frankfurt :p

Depending on his and your schedule, maybe you can just ride with D-Fence, who happens to live in Munich. And with the E32 735i the choice of transportation surely beats train by a bit ;).
It is a train.
Sweet, I shot him a message. Riding in a big Beemer with sketchy Germans is exactly how I want to go out.

Careful now. Bimmer. Beemers are bikes.
Careful now. Bimmer. Beemers are bikes.

Where do you get that from? In Ukania Beemer is a common term for BMW cars as it is in the States based on the many movies I have watched.
Pfft. Not in a British context. I was referring to them as Beemers before you were even born. :wheelchair: