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Rinspeed zaZen Concept


Aug 2, 2005
Richmond Hill, Canada



damn...! thats some crazy glass..

The technical revolution in the car's design is that the transparent rear window has been turned into a luminous holographic area.


It is an automotive interplay of veiling and unveiling. The entire roof dome down to the belt line is made of a single sheet of transparent Bayer polycarbonate. The amazing thing about it is that the material can be made non-transparent at the press of a button to protect the occupants from curious gazes. Because the transparency can simply be switched on and off, it means that any superfluous knobs and displays on the dashboard can be simply faded out so that the driver can concentrate on what is most important, the speed indicator, instead of being bombarded with unnecessary information. And instead of a living-room atmosphere, the occupants sit in "glass-like" plastic seat shells in a bright and friendly orange color.
did rinspeed actually release a car?

how good it might look, a concept is still a stupid concept which only increases brand popularity

that's an idea. make a brand that only makes concept cars. all surveys will list it as one of the most reliable, caus none of their cars can actually be driven :lol:
Holy crap! The first Rinspeed concept that actually doesn't look like a mutated plastic elephant!
looks sweet though not as insane as past Rinspeeds.
patrick10 said:
i like it. perhaps too much porsche though.
Porsche? I'm thinking Ferrari...
*cough*headlights*cough* ;)
bartboy9891 said:
looks sweet though not as insane as past Rinspeeds.

indeed. Looks a bit too normal for them :think:
watto said:
bartboy9891 said:
looks sweet though not as insane as past Rinspeeds.

indeed. Looks a bit too normal for them :think:
well they do mod porsches, they did that really awesome looking 997 a short time ago, and this looks like its based on the boxster or cayman.
zenkidori said:
Looks good for a cocept, the glass roof has me skeptical of a production car tho.
It's not gonna make it into production. Every year Rinspeed does a waay over the top concept just to get publicity.
They're actually earning money by just customizing existing cars.

Hey at first everybody thought that Rinspeed will never built the chopster, but lo and behold they did built it. If the technology is there, I bet you they'll built this car. But driving one in a hot and humid summer day will be a nightmare.
I imagine something like this, it's my first time trying to airbrush something with the mouse, so don't judge my lack of artistic ability, you get the idea:

959+968 anyone?
zenkidori said:
I imagine them going with a solid roof with a large rear window for the production model.
Again, I highly doubt that car is gonna make it into production.

Yes, the Rinspeed Chopster was produced in very small numbers. But that's just a modified Cayenne. In General, those drastic Rinpseed concepts remain unique.
zenkidori, you basically took the one thing that made this car special and got rid of it... nothing to set it apart from a regular sports car now. Well besides the probably bonkers interior.. I like the original better.
Still.. there's a long way between 'like' and 'pretty'...