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Rips of Early TG Episodes from BBC Prime


Lexus? Oh shi-
May 26, 2005
I'm just wondering, are these being done on a regular basis? I have all of Season 1 on my computer and about half are higher quality rips from BBC Prime (350 megs) but some are the horrible 117 megs.

So my question is, are they being ripped on a regular basis to replace those that are still the old rips?
Well those, plus 1x08 and 1x09. These are from Jabba, which are just horrible. What an ass... if I want to watch Star Wars, I'll pop in the DVD.
That sucks, I don't even have eMule installed. I wish somebody would put them up on BitTorrent.

Do you know if it exists there?
Yeah, that's exactly what I've got and as you can see it's missing some 350 meg rips.

I found 1x08 and 1x09 but I'm still missing the other two which I only have from JW. Anyone know where I can get those two?
They probably just haven't been ripped yet, and BBC Prime might not air past eps of Top Gear while the current season is still airing. :)
So it may just be in the off-season.
I've got all seasons in 350 MB files.

[cough]I recorded them from my own Tv [/cough]
But are those in Spanish?

For those who have 1x09... why does it cut right in the middle from a good BBC Prime rip to a JW rip?
Here's another question, anybody know who rips those old episodes off BBC Prime? I don't think it's VUK... but I'd love to have an announcement or something when new episodes are recorded, there's quite a few bad ones.
Yeah, I saw his name on the files... I thought maybe you guys knew something more about him.

Is there any chance we can coerce a member here to record them from now on? :D

P.S. Where can I find listings of BBC Prime programming to see when it's airing? On UK TV...
How come some BBC Prime rips are only 50 minutes long? This is confoozling me...
I think they may have a break/transistion at the end of the show, just speculating here tho. :)
If it's the first seasons reruns, then they have cut all the stuff where you can call and vote, survey/greatest car/ect., atleast that is what they have done to the eps I can see on BBC Prime.
Yeah, I think that is true actually. In one episode I saw it cut away to a board with the greatest cars ever, but they didn't mention anything.

I guess it's better than crappy Jabba's World rips though.
Ahh, that's what it is, thanks for the insight mgkdk :D
Glad to be usefull :D