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Road Test: Nissan Micra C+C


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Sep 7, 2004
Bradford, UK
C+C stands for coupe plus cabriolet. So that's a folding hard-top roof for this Micra, then, with retractable panels that stow away into the boot at the touch of a button, taking 22 seconds.

The roof features a glass section, too, for extra light and an impression of the open sky, even when the roof is in place. It's a neat device, which gives the C+C most of the driving and characteristics, refinement and comfort of a conventional hatchback, roof up, yet the feeling of a full-on roadster with it down. With frameless windows, there are no pillars or roof bars, there are no fiddly hoods or catches to release and it all fits together very snugly.

The C+C is, nominally, a four-seater, though the two rear seats really are tiny - it's best to treat it as transport for two that could fit someone else in an emergency.

It will be offered with 1.4-litre (88bhp) and 1.6-litre (110bhp) petrol engines; a diesel model is likely to follow next year, along with the option of an automatic gearbox. It goes on sale mid-November 2005; prices start from ?13,150 (1.4 Urbis).

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If you fold the hardtop in the boot, wont the car stand entirely on its rear wheels?

Ahaha this car cracks me up, who would drive such a thing :lol:

The 4Car team really forgot to add a few things to its "Drawbacks" section didnt they? Its a girls car haha!
it was designed for a lass

and it's built in sunderland - therefore it's awesome :D