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Sep 25, 2004
Stavanger - Norway
I am a fan of the Rocky films. I recently saw them all and must say I really like them. I know they're cheesy and kinda silly but I just don't care at all. I love the simplicity and I think Sylvester Stallone is magnicifent.
The first one is definately the best one at 9/10 IMO. Then number ll, lll and IV are pretty much the same at strong 7's or weak 8's.
Rocky V is just depressing. 5/10 IMO.

Maybe I like them coz I grew up with them. Arnold Scwarznegger, Sylvester Stallone and Bruve Xillis will forever be my hero's like they were when I was 5.

What do you guys think?
Rocky I, II, and III were the best. IV and V were just shitty. IV was incredibly... I dunno... 80s cheesy. A talking robot? Stupid exercise machines? WTF?
Well, I wouldn't have a clue as to the difference between them all, as I'm not a fan. But I wouldn't say that they're bad films.