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Rough Day...


Politically Charged
Mar 23, 2005
This morning I get some sucky news via e-mail (business). Anyway, it was kinda on my mind etc....

I'm ready to go to work, and decide to check the mail first. I had my ralph lauren leather briefcase/portfolio (kinda soft flimsy one)....I put it on the roof of my car, took the mail into the house...and set off on my way. Leaving the portfolio on the roof. I only realized when I was almost at my destination, I backtracked but couldn't find it.

I had a book in there which i used to write several important business ideas I was looking into, plus some other papers. I also had 2 blockbuster movies and a blank check.


I called washington mutual to put a stop payment on the check. Since it was blank, it costs nothing. However, it will take one business day to be effective AND they told me the check can still be passed....go figure. I transferred the money into another account.

I called blockbuster up and told them the situation, he said I have a week left on the rentals so we'll see if someone turns them in. The total for both movies will be like 15 bucks, which is cool.

My confidential business book ahhhh, LoL. It mostly had locations of where I was planning to put up some restaurants etc...people to contact yada yada. I don't think they can get much from that.

My attorneys business card was in there, I called up the office and told them if anyone calls about the bag to let me know.

I had a few other papers, can't really remember what exactly was on them. Hopefully nothing too important. The bag itself, I'm not that worried about....although it was pretty nice.
That really is a sucky day, hope you find your briefcase tho :)
OT: Who's the guy in the mask in your sig?
Hopefully somebody decent picks it up and returns everything with full content. Sucks when you have things on your mind and shit like that happens.
Cruzz563 said:
OT: Who's the guy in the mask in your sig?

Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos, part of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN).

Funny enough, I was talking with a girl a few days ago from Chiapas (Mexico), which is where the group is based out of....she didn't have much of an opinion on everything going on there, but she was hot so I used it as conversation 8)
Mischief007 said:
Hopefully somebody decent picks it up and returns everything with full content. Sucks when you have things on your mind and shit like that happens.

Indeed. I know I would return it.....
yea i woulda have return stuff too....but the world does not have enough ppl like us to do so
Sorry to hear that mate... As long as you can remember all the great ideas you had you'll be fine...

WTF with the blank check though...
Sorry to hear that dude, the top of a car is the perfect place to leave, and forget, about stuff. Hopefully a good samaritan finds and sends back your stuff.
Ah that's bad, hope someone can't decypher your writings and will bring it back to you.

Somehow this reminds me of Mr. Bean ;)
sorry about the day :(

funny thing about leaving things on the car, one time my teacher was in a rush to get to school (he was late) so he frgot that he put a $2,000 school tablet pc on the roof of his car :lol: when he got to school..he thought....oh shit

luckly it was found the next day and the person turned it in....they found it in the middle of the highway :lol:
Jostyrostelli said:
Imagine putting your kid on the roof for a minute and rush back in the car cus you're late :lol:

They did that on Jackass, but with a doll of course.
sorry to hear about this man :( Hopefully it will all work out...

A couple weeks ago one of my friends set his wallet down on the hood of my wife's Toyota Sienna. Later on, We all hopped in and went to my wife's mom and dad's place. When we got there her dad picked it up and said "hey, who's wallet?", my friend was so relieved :) There's a bug guard on the front of the van that kept it fomr sliding off.
my friends parents left him on the roof whn he was a small child... good thing his parents realized befor they went too far
Hope you find your belongings dude......the most important of them is the blank checque......It takes a good citizen to return stuff to their owners.....And good citizens are a rare specie....
Too bad about your stuff...

but why do you (I mean americans in general) use checks anyways? What's wrong with cards?
hahahahaha, well closest thats happened to me is, during my holiday which i am still on we left the boot open and started heading for the car park exit till someone nice hooted and told us bout it lol.

unlucky to hear bout the nice bag, ralph lauren eh? must have cost quite alot!