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Jul 23, 2008
Erlangen, Germany
Since a few other liquors already got thier own thread, I thought I start one about Rum.

So what kind of rum do you like?
Do you drink your rum neat, on the rocks or mixed?
What kind of rum-based drinks do you like?

When I want to quench my thirst or just get drunk I nomally go for Cuba Libre or a Mojito, if I can find some mint.
For that kind of occasion I usually go for Havanna Club 3 anos or Captain Morgan Spiced Gold. Lately I find myself quite often buying the Captain since I really like that vanilla aroma in my "Cuba Libre".

But recently I learnt to appreciate aged, top-shelf rum. I only drink that stuff for enjoyment not to get hammered and I always drink it neat.

At the moment I own this lot (sorry for the crap pic)

The front row are a Pyrat XO Reserve and a El Dorado 12 year old, the one in the middle is a Appleton Estate Extra 12 year old and the two at the back are a Cockspur 12 year old and a Santa Teresa 1796 Ron Antiguo de Solera.

I think I also have a bottle of Wray&Nephew white overproof flying around somewhere.

So what do you drink?
Oooh, I've had the Appleton, that's quite good... other than that I don't know much about rum, although I do enjoy it occasionally.
I'm in the same boat as Klankymen. I've had Appleton and enjoyed it immensely, but I find myself not really familiar with Rum and Rum based cocktails.
The Appleton is really quite nice, especially for the price of some 20? . I had a bottle of Flor de Cana 7 year old for which I payed about the same and I have to say I was really impressed by the Appleton.
My favourite rum at the moment would be the El Dorado, I seriously have to get my hands on a 15 year old bottle as well sometime, its just such a wonderful rich flavour.
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My favourite rum at the moment would be the El Dorado, I seriously have to get my hands on a 15 year old bottle as well sometime, its just such a wonderful rich flavour.

I'm assuming you know this website?
:love: rum. I love it because I'm a pirate at heart. :twisted:

My friend made me a fan of Sailor Jerry:


It's very smooth with a hint of cherry. Dunno about the availability in ze Vaterland, but here it's rather inexpensive as well.

Of course, being a college student and everything, a cheap handle of Captain is never far away...

Edit: also, who would win in a naval showdown to the death: Captain Morgan or Admiral Nelson? These are the times that try men's souls.
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i forgot who, suggested sailor jerry to me some year or two ago. and i do think its been the more easily drinkable striaght-up.

however, most of the rum i consume is mixed.

my favourite being a Captain Pepper. captain morgan & dr pepper. just seems to compliment better than using coke.

and course, captain's tattoo spiced dark rum is great to mix with citrus-based cokes.. like vault. or to make something like red bull more drinkable.

i do have a bottle of captain morgan private stock as well. which i've sipped on during rare occasions, when i'm out of nigori sake.

then i also keep some sized bottles of clear, dark, and gold rums on hand for any blended fruit drinks. or for the always crowd pleasing dessert--bananas foster. mmm.... fire..

speaking of fire. reminds me of time i was at a party over at a friends house. they had this lil bonfire going in his backyard, and they were pouring bits of 151 in it, which made a really purrrdy blue flame.

and me being one who never had actually tried 151 before, thought i'd take a small swig of it. and friends were all starting to freak out "no dont!" and even like "you shouldnt drive home if you're going to try it". was quite amusing, considering i had, maybe an ounce or less of it. and short of it tasting like pure alcohol... i didnt see what the fuss was about.
It seems like I should add Sailor Jerry to the list of rum I want to try, but it seems rather hard to get a some here in Germany I have only found one online-store that sells it and their shipping seems to be rather steep so I'll probably try to find it somewhere else.
And on the matter of Captain Morgan: I think it's a pity that they only sell their Spiced Gold and Black Lable here, I would have really wanted to give the Tattoo and especially the Private Stock a try but I cant't find them anywhere.