Russia and Ukraine

Wasn't it several hundred miles from Ukraine when it sprung a leak (assisted by a naval drone)?

Once again, Russia is losing a naval battle to a nation without a navy.
Two of the main bridges to Crimea damaged missile UA strikes


Some possible directions UA might take:


Total combat losses of the enemy from February 24, 2022 to August 7, 2023

Looks like the counter offensive stepped up a gear

Denmark to supply 19 F16's

Training is going to be difficult. US insist on fluent english speakers only (not many), NATO a bit more flexible on language.

In the mean time they could send M26 and ATACMS

Israel won't send anything that might kill russians... but they should be sending Harop and Harpy UAVs
Embraer ERG 135 aircraft that belongs to Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin crashed today in Tver.

'Accidentally' shot down?

I was wondering how and when they would dispose of him.

partial playback of the flight is available here:
He was avoiding tall buildings and then flew over Russia? What was he thinking?
One of Russia’s most advanced air defence systems was destroyed in a huge explosion in occupied Crimea, Ukraine’s intelligence services said.Videos shot by a drone show a supposed S-400 being struck on Wednesday morning in what would be Ukraine’s latest attacks far behind enemy lines.“As a result of the explosion, the installation itself, the missiles installed on it and the personnel were completely destroyed,” Ukraine’s intelligence service said.

Cash for hardware!
A Russian pilot landed his Mi-8 helicopter at an airfield in Ukraine to give himself up to the authorities

Drones hit Moscow for fifth night in a row

What do we know about drone attacks in Russia?​

Also reports of Putin rushing back to Moscow late at night.

Reports of unrest at Wagner camp in Belarus.
Massive Russian losses yesterday -