Russia and Ukraine

Hope ATACMS finally annouced next week can deal with that.

Archer is due enter the battlespace soon.

11 Abrams arrived.
So much going bang in Crimea for over two hours, many targets including Kerch bridge hit again.

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Multiple sources say limited supply of ATACMS on the way, but only with cluster munitions, not single warhead:

Biden tells Zelenskyy that U.S. will send Ukraine ATACMS long-range missiles​

Experts say these can be deployed quickly.
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Ruzzia having a bad day



Chkalovsky military airfield near Moscow

Russia put out a few videos claiming he is still alive
This is what happens when Russia owns the GOP.
Last couple of days the Russian launched a big push across the line of contact, sometimes up to six failed attacks on same target



First ATACMS strikes on Berdyansk and Luhansk airfields.
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