Russia and Ukraine

Ukraine's SBU blew up 40+ fuel carriages on a freight train in the 16km Severomuyskya tunnel linking Russia and China.
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SBU blows up another train in Russia's far east​


Crap. Medyka is where we hand over donated blood stem cells to the Ukrainians. The first time I was there, the queue was a bit of a surprise, but all the way back to Rzeszów is insane. And many stretches of road in that area are just one lane in each direction with not much of a hard shoulder, so it’s going to be tricky for anyone to get past the stranded lorries.
Okay, new plan. You can accept all the Russian oil you want - but you can't pay them for it.

We will send a thank you card and a receipt so Russia can claim it on their taxes.
Commander of Georgian National Legion said today on a live stream that a 1000 long range ATACMS would finish Russian logistics. That's whats needed to end the war.
Last couple of days 1000+ vatniks bit the dust.

UA still short of artillery ammo.

Talk of UA mobilizing 500k more men.