Rutledge Wood talks about his passions: old cars, Top Gear and Saved By The Bell


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Dec 6, 2010
Houston, Texas
Good read. Can't wait for season II
Then I worked at Hertz Rent-A-Car. One day I was like, ?I?m out, I can?t do this.? So I walked up and I was like, ?You guys, I need to quit.? And they were like, ?Okay, can you turn in your two weeks?? And I was like, ?No, I?m gonna leave in the next 45 seconds.?


Thats why he's the best TG USA presenter. :cool:
I also liked the article. I'm glad that he's one of the hosts (even though everyone's always going on about how he should go). I really do think he will be a great host when they get into the groove of running the show and working together.

He just really seems like a nice guy. (Suspiciously... xD)
Everyone? It was mostly a bunch of trolls that wanted him gone.
Well yeah, a majority of the people were trolls. Interestingly though, I did see some legit people give thought-out answers as to why they did not like him and wanted him off. But mainly it was just the whole get him off.

Every time I read a new thing about Rutledge, I just find the guy more and more likable. It's no wonder he was/is(?) successful on SPEED.