Rutledge Wood's new show "Shotgun"


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Jun 14, 2005
Ontario, Canada
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Has anyone else seen it? I think it was the premiere episode I saw last weekend. It was...fine, I guess. Pretty much a 'one and done' for me, sadly. It's a game show where people have to answer questions as they're driven around a track in different vehicles, each one more scary than the last (apparently). It wears thin pretty fast.

What they really need (but probably won't get, due to the budget, etc...) is to change the types of courses themselves. Get some rallycross in there with a couple of big jumps! How about some snow? Maybe some desert racing.

I like the idea of the show, and it has potential to grow, but I doubt it ever will. You might say it will forever be stuck in a Rut. ;)
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Remember this show? No? You're not alone. I just looked this up through the IMDb link again, and nearly 3 years later, I'm still the only person to have ever rated the show there! o_O

Only lasted 9 episodes spread over 2 seasons, apparently. (there may have been more, as the S2E1 synopsis indicates new tracks and whatnot, but who knows?)
i've never rated anything on imdb i think...