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sagaris 1920x1200


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Feb 8, 2005
FD3S RX-7 x 2
hey fellas. does anyone know where i can get some 1920x1200 pictures of the tvr sagaris that i could use as a background? i've got a tuscan 2 standin-in at the moment, but it's just not the same :(

i've searched for a while, but haven't had much luck - it's hard enough to find 1920x1200 pics of any car, let alone tvrs.


jayjaya29 said:
I could not find any in that exact resolution, this is the largest I could find.


thanks mate, but 1600x1200 doesn't stretch well to 1920x1200... it kinda looks all outta whack - like that mini estate in last weeks' episode :lol:

found some nice slr mclaren wallpapers on that site that i'm gonna put on my work pc though :thumbsup:
No problem, isn't that kinda of a strange resolution? What is it..a widescreen monitor?
yep, it's widescreen resolution. and yep, finding wallpaper at that resolution is like finding clarkson without a packet of ciggies.
Yeah man, it must be tough, your best bet is to make your own compiliation wallpapers of your favorite cars in Photoshop or something. Thats probably what I would do.
I can't think of sites that offer a resolution diffrent to the proportions of good ol' 1024x768 except for streetdream.de

They offer it in 1280x960 if thats anyhelp..
Overheat said:
1600x1200 is the biggest I can find for the Sagaris. www.seriouswheels.com is the site I use for my 1920x1200 display. I generally just use the 1920x1440 images and centre them.

thanks overheat! no sagaris widescreen pics, but quite a few (centred 1920x1440) widescreen pics of my other (unrealistic-never-ever-affordable) favourite car, the mclaren slr :)