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Saleen S331 Supercharged Sport Truck


I'm suprised. It actually looks quite cool and bling free.

Due to the slight blur, for a horrible moment I thought it was moving in that picture.
As for Dodge, ...what can I say? Could go either way I suppose.

My family has a saying about Chrysler/Dodge products "It'll always run, but never run right."

As many problems as my family has had with Dodges, we've never been actually stranded by one. Problem is, the minivan we had had the "wonder gear", it's the tranny you wonder what gear it might shift into next if it shifts at all. My brothers horizon would never pass smog the first try (EGR bits ALWAYS burned up). It also did not start in the cold, which leads to a humorous story about driving for 18 hours straight, because he didn't want to get stuck in Flagstaff for a week. The only way to drive the car was full throttle or none.

The list goes on and on. I'm kind of in your boat about Chevy. I don't love them so much as I just don't like Dodge, and Fords just never did it for me.