Santa Pod 'Main Event' - May 2016


An Unfortunate Discovery
Feb 17, 2006
Four from the top and two from the third row, UK.
'12 MX-5 PRHT, '02 Freelander, '90 Disco 1 Bobtail
I received an invitation on Friday to meet up with MWF, his son and Flat Pack Dan at Santa Pod. Since it's only 25 miles away and I haven't been for years, how could I refuse?

Apparently my panning skills have become rather rusty since I last did this kind of thing, frankly I'm disappointed with all but a few of these but there are some good ones.

Poor Ignis

'Ride on' monster truck

Anyone know what this was?

Stupid phones

The girls came out, it was a bit awkward

Then the red arrows appeared to dance among the clouds and then piss off

Jonny Smith went by in his Flux Capacitor but we didn't see it do a pass

Jet car time

I love the faces in this shot, the dude with dreads did a 360 spin as the car took off

Rocket bike

Wheelie 'Vette

Turbo 2JZ dragster



Capri - look at the rear tyres


Fucking PT Cruiser funny car

Traction Avant funny car

This could've been wonderful but it was just out frame

Proud of this one during a burnout

Thanks to grey hair dude this only works in B&W. Again, check out those tyres on the dragster in the left lane